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Measure Metrics


Have you ever loaded a figure/prop into DAZ Studio and thought to yourself, “I wish there was an easy way to get accurate measurements of …”? Have you ever wanted a way to adjust your figure/prop's proportions and see its measurements in real time? Have you ever wanted a way to enter specific measurements and have DAZ Studio adjust the figure/prop to meet them? Now you can.

Measure Metrics for DAZ Studio will allow you to measure the length, diameter and/or angle of figures or props in your scene. It does this using both Metric and US Standard measurement systems. By using the Tape Measure, Tailor's Tape or Protractor, you can remove the “guesswork” from your artwork.

Process Overview

This document covers the different measurement nodes and their respective settings. It demonstrates how to use the nodes to get “real life” measurements and see the results of your changes as they happen.


To use the Measure Metrics plugin, you must install DAZ Studio 4.6 (or higher), as well as the Measure Metrics plugin. It is good to have a basic understanding of the DAZ Studio User Interface (UI). You should also have a grasp of loading and manipulating content in the scene, using the Parameters pane, navigating within your scene and navigating the Viewport.


There are numerous ways to integrate use of the plugin. We have covered several of the possibilities in the documentation. Experiment and find the ways that work best for your needs. As we hear of new ideas, we will update this document. If you come across a fun and unique way to use the plugin, let us know and we will gladly add it here for others to consider.