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  • User Guide - This section of the documentation provides tutorials, videos and tips on how to accomplish certain tasks.
  • Reference Guide - This section of the documentation focuses on breaking the application down into its smaller parts. Things like what something is called, where you can find it and what each option does or means. It serves as the foundation for which the tutorials, videos and tips in the User Guide section can be built on top of and refer back to for more specific information.


Install Manager is designed to make downloading and installing content purchased from the DAZ 3D store, simple and easy.

Install Manager provides the ability to work in either an online or offline mode. While working_online, Install Manager presents you with a list of available downloads and/or updates for your account. It allows you to selectively download all of the items in the list, specific items in the list or each item individually. You also have the option of automatically installing items in the list after it has finished downloading.

Whether you are working online, or working_offline, Install Manager allows you to manage whether the products it has downloaded are installed, or not. And it does this in the same manner as the downloads list - all items in the list, specific items in the list or each one individually. And, you have the option to automatically delete the installer once a product has been installed in order to help you manage available disk space.

Depending on your specific situation, you may have several accounts that you use to purchase products from DAZ 3D. If you do, Install Manager helps you manage the products from those separate accounts by allowing you to save separate settings for each one.

Since you may also use the products you get from DAZ 3D in applications other than Daz Studio (i.e. Carrara or Poser), Install Manager allows you to set up multiple installation paths and then bookmark them for convenience. And while it can be used successfully with other applications, it has an additional benefit when used with DAZ Studio v4.x and/or Carrara 8.5 Beta, in that it communicates with the Content Management Service (CMS) to install any metadata that the product provides. When used with DAZ Studio 4.x, it also creates a Product container1) in the Content Library Pane where you can find all of the user-facing files installed with a product - regardless of whether the product provides metadata of its own.

This container is not a folder on your hard drive, but an entry in your Content Database, for the purpose of helping you find all of a product's files in one place. The files can also be found in the folders where they actually live on your hard drive.