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Tips and Tricks

Here are a few quick tips and other features of the Measure Metrics plug-in. We will not go into the actual training on these as there are plenty of articles already out there that can teach you “How to use a Sextant” or “How to Measure the Body Like a Professional Tailor”.

All Nodes

  • Change the default colors/opacity displayed on the Avatar, Lines, Planes, etc… :
    • Select the Tape Measure go to “Parameters > Display”.
  • Parent it to a figure and save it out as a “Wearable” to reuse later.
  • Change between “Targets” quickly using the Parameters pane.
    • Select the plug-in node in your scene.
    • Go to “Parameters > Measure” and Click “Measure Target”.
    • Pick your new target from the pop-up window

Tape Measure

  • Use with the Protractor to create straight lines, mark angles etc…
  • Measure between nodes by parenting the Tape Measure to one, and using the Null as the end point on the other.
  • The Tape Measure is best used with a Target and a Null.

Tailor Tape

  • You can subdivide a mesh to get more accurate measurements. Use with caution as not all meshes may work as you want once they are subdivided.
  • Use to figure out the bust size/cup of your figures.
  • Force Closed Loop – Go to Parameters > Measure > Force Closed Loop - This allows you to measure items that may have non-connecting points. It will create a straight line between the two open end points. This is often inside your Geometry, so to see it, you may need to hide the mesh.
  • This measures visible polys. If you hide a Bone or use Poly Select and hide polys, those polys will no longer be measured. Use this to hide things that are in the way or to measure inside something else.
    • (Note: the Bone or actual polys must be hidden. Just using the “eye” to hide the mesh will not have an effect.)
  • The Tailor Tape plane will NOT scale with its parented object.


  • Load 2 Protractors and parent them together, one perpendicular to the other - you can now use this as a Sextant.
  • The Protractor is best used with a Target and a Null.


For further help, please refer to the main section of the plug-in's documentation:

Measure Metrics