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  • Create Instance - Creates an Instance of the primary selected object in the scene.
  • Create Instance Group - Creates an Instance Group of the primary selected Instance in the scene and any Instance siblings with the same target and mode.
  • Create Geometry Shell - Creates a Geometry Shell of the primary selected object in the scene and sets the offset distance of the Push Modifier that is automatically added.
  • Convert Figure to Props - Converts a complete figure into a collection of props, without any exporting/importing.
  • Node FaceGroup Map - Reveals the face group on a mesh that is associated with a given node; used to provide node selection in the viewport using the geometry for the object.
  • Adjust Rigging to Shape - Adjusts the positions of a figure's bones based on the difference between the default shape and the current shape.
  • Node Origin Center - Adjusts the origin of a node to the center of its local bounding box.
  • Node Align - Adjusts the positions of nodes in the scene in order to align them according to settings that correspond to those found on the Align (WIP) pane.
  • Node Visibility Toggle - Demonstrates the toggling of a setting (in this case, visibility) on selected nodes.