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If you are an artist who wants to publish (sell) your products through the DAZ 3D web store, the information below will help you understand the benefits of publishing with us, as well as other important process information to make the journey easier.

Become a Published Artist

Many artists want to know what's involved in becoming a Published Artist and sell their products through the DAZ 3D Web site. The information in this section provides an overview of what's involved and how to get started.

Creating Content

The information below are links to the Creating Content section of the DAZ Studio 4 User Guide. These links will take you to those sections. We have tried to place these links in a logical sequence of how to create clothing, props, environments etc. As we have more information completed we will be adding it these sections.

In Depth Project

Advanced: Character Creation for Genesis

Packaging Content

Learn what's involved in packaging and preparing your files to submit to DAZ 3D for submission.

Trouble Shooting and Techniques

DAZ has answered several questions for PA's while they are working on products. The list of tutorials below covers many of the solutions to our artist's questions.

Frequently Asked Questions From PA's