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Tags are used to associate a package with an intended application [or major version of application], so that when a user sets their preference for which application(s) they wish to see downloads for, they only see the downloads that are intended to work with the application(s) they choose. In some cases, one package is intended to be used with multiple applications and will be assigned multiple tags, while in other cases the intent can be for one package to be used for only one application and will be assigned a single tag.

The tags that are assigned to a package can be dynamic. As products are updated over time (i.e. a new version specific package becomes available and supersedes an older version), the tags that are assigned to them can sometimes change.

The tables below list all of the predefined tags that are currently supported by Install Manager:

Standard Tags

The tags listed here are those that are not specific to the Daz Connect service.

Label Value
Bryce Bryce
Carrara 8.5 Carrara8_5
Carrara 8 Carrara8
Carrara 7.2 Carrara7_2
Carrara 7 Carrara7
Carrara (< 7) CarraraLegacy
DAZ Studio 4.5+ DAZStudio4_5
DAZ Studio 4 DAZStudio4
DAZ Studio 3 DAZStudio3
DAZ Studio (< 3) DAZStudioLegacy
DSON Importer for Poser DSON_Poser
Hexagon Hexagon
Install Manager InstallManager
LightWave Lightwave
Maya Maya
Photoshop Photoshop
Poser 9+ Poser9
Poser (< 9) PoserLegacy
Vue Vue
General General
Software Software
Plugin Plugin
Windows 32-bit Win32
Windows 64-bit Win64
Mac 32-bit Mac32
Mac 64-bit Mac64
Public Build PublicBuild
Private Build PrivateBuild

Daz Connect Tags

The tags listed here are those that are specific to the Daz Connect service.

Label Value
Connect Available CloudAvailable
Connect Installed CloudInstalled