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Settings Window


The Settings Window is the centralized place for managing your settings. Things like accounts, where products download to and which download filters to apply. You can also define the base paths for software installation, choose how updates are handled, how shortcuts are handled and manage content path shortcuts. The Settings Window also allows you to manage application paths that are used for installing plugins, shaders and other types of products that must be installed to a sub-folder of an application.

The Settings Window is accessed by clicking the Settings Button, in the top right corner of the Main Window. Clicking the download_filters_button on the Ready to Download Page will also cause the window to open, however launching the window from this button causes the downloads_page to automatically be brought forward. Similarly, clicking the Settings Button in the installation_details area of the Ready to Download Page or the Ready to Install Page will cause the window to open on the installation_page. The show_applications_button in the Installation Details area of the Ready to Download Page and the Ready to Install Page, when clicked, will cause the window to be displayed and the applications_page to be brought forward.

Child Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that exist within the Settings Window: