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List Product Files


Below is an example demonstrating how you can, using the identifier for the store and the token for the product, retrieve a list of files in the product.

API Areas of Interest


// DAZ Studio version filetype DAZ Script
// Define an anonymous function;
// serves as our main loop,
// limits the scope of variables
(function( sStoreID, sToken ){
	// Get the asset manager
	var oAssetMgr = App.getAssetMgr();
	// If the asset manager was not found, or we do not
	// have a database to retrieve information from
	if( !oAssetMgr || !oAssetMgr.haveDatabase() ){
		// We are done...
	// Get the product; using the store identifier and product token (SKU)
	var oProduct = oAssetMgr.findProductByStoreToken( sStoreID, sToken );
	// If we do not have the product
	if( !oProduct ){
		// We are done...
	// Define an object to hold our lists
	var oData = {};
	// Declare working variables
	var oAsset;
	// Get the list of assets in the product
	var aAssets = oProduct.getAssets();
	// Iterate over the assets
	for( var i = 0, nAssets = aAssets.length; i < nAssets; i += 1 ){
		// Get the 'current' asset
		oAsset = aAssets[ i ];
		// Replace the element in the list with
		// the relative file path of the asset
		aAssets[ i ] = oAsset.getRelativeFilePath();
	// Capture the store identifier
	oData["store"] = sStoreID;
	// Capture the token (SKU)
	oData["token"] = sToken;
	// Capture the name of the product
	oData["name"] = oProduct.title;
	// Capture the (sorted) list of user-facing assets
	oData["assets"] = aAssets.sort();
	// Capture the (sorted) list of support files
	oData["support_files"] = oProduct.getSupportFiles().sort();
	// Inspect the captured data
	print( JSON.stringify( oData, undefined, "\t" ) );
// Finalize the function and invoke
})( "DAZ 3D", "42071" );