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A viewport.


Inherits :



Detailed Description

Encapsulation of a 3D viewport. This object includes the surrounding decoration and camera manipulation controls. It contains the actual 3D viewport.


Dz3DViewport : get3DViewport()

Return Value:

  • The embedded 3D viewport that this viewport encapsulates.

DzViewportMgr : getManager()

Return Value:

  • The manager of this viewport.

DzView : getView()

Return Value:

  • The alternate view currently being displayed in the viewport; NULL if an alternate view is not displayed (i.e. the 3D viewport is active).

Boolean : isCustom()

Return Value:

  • true if this viewport is custom; otherwise false.



void : setView( DzView view )

Sets the alternate view for the viewport; this replaces the 3D viewport while active. Pass in NULL to clear the alternate view and restore the 3D viewport.


  • view - The view to display in the viewport.

void : setViewVisible( Boolean onOff )

Sets the visible state of the alternate view for this viewport, if an alternate view has been set.

See Also:


void : dimensionsChanged()

TODO: Add description.

void : view3dCurrentDimensionsChanged()

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void : viewChanged( DzView view )

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