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Provides a mechanism to control the lifetime of a reference counted object.


Inherits :



DAZ Script
DzScriptHandle ()
DzScriptHandle ( Object handle )

Detailed Description

A reference counted object (DzRefCountedItem) is an object that is intended to be shared between multiple owners - each owner registers an interest in the object when taking ownership, and dereferences the object when it is no longer needed. This mechanism serves to ensure that the referenced object is not deleted while in use and automatically deleted when no longer in use. There are cases, however, where it is desirable to keep one of these objects from being deleted even though it is not referenced by another object in the scene. These cases are where DzScriptHandle becomes useful - its purpose is to provide a mechanism by which a reference counted object is ensured to exist for at least the lifetime of the DzScriptHandle that references it.

The lifetime of a DzScriptHandle depends on the scope of the script variable that contains it (e.g., function scope, global scope), but is ultimately limited to the lifetime of the script.




Object : handle

Holds the object whose lifetime is being controlled.

Object : object

Used to accesses the value of handle as a QObject. (Read Only)

Boolean : valid

Holds whether or not handle can be used to retrieve a valid QObject. (Read Only)



Default constructor.

DzScriptHandle( Object handle )

Copy constructor.