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A DzElementData implementation that stores the IK chain information of an imported Poser figure.


Inherits :


DAZ Script
DzLegacyIKChains ()


Detailed Description

Implements a custom data item that allows a list of DzLegacyIKChain objects to be associated with a DzLegacyFigure of an imported Poser format figure.

Each DzLegacyIKChain object in the list represents a single “inkyChain” section in the Poser CR2 file from which the figure was loaded.

Can be used as follows to retrieve the IK chains from a Poser format figure that was loaded:

var nChains;
var oFigure = Scene.getPrimarySelection();
// ... error checking
var oData = oFigure.findDataItem( "PoserIKChains" );
if( oData && oData.inherits( "DzLegacyIKChains" ) ){
	nChains = oData.getNumChains();
print( "legacy IK chains:", nChains );

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Default Constructor.


  • It is the developer's responsibility to manage the lifetime of this object. This can be accomplished most easily by adding it to the list of data items owned by an element.

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void : addChain( DzLegacyIKChain chain )

Adds an IK chain to this list of IK chains.


  • chain - The chain to add.

DzLegacyIKChain : getChain( Number index )


  • index - The index of the desired chain.

Return Value:

  • The legacy IK chain at the given index (if valid), otherwise null.

Number : getNumChains()

Return Value:

  • The number of legacy IK chains in this list.