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Base class for all file importers/exporters.


Inherits :

Inherited By : DzAssetIOFilter, DzAudioImporter, DzExporter, DzImporter, DzSaveFilter and DzVideoExporter


DAZ Script


DAZ Script
voidgetDefaultOptions ( DzFileIOSettings options )
BooleangetOptions ( DzFileIOSettings options, Boolean useInterface, String filename )
BooleanshowOptions ()

Detailed Description

This class provides functionality common to all file importers and exporters such as the ability to edit options before file import/export. Also, this class provides functions for importers/exporters to report errors to the user/log file, and provides static convenience functions for dissecting file paths into their parts.


Boolean : optionsShown

Holds whether or not the options for the importer/exporter has been shown.




void : getDefaultOptions( DzFileIOSettings options )

TODO: Add description.

Boolean : getOptions( DzFileIOSettings options, Boolean useInterface, String filename )

Gets the options for an import operation.


  • options - The settings object that the selected options will be added to.
  • useInterface - If true and the importer/exporter implements the getOptionsFrame() virtual member function, the options interface for the importer/exporter will be displayed to the user. If the default (or last-used) options will be added to or updated in options.

Return Value:

  • if options has been updated, otherwise false.

Boolean : showOptions()

Return Value:

  • true if this importer/exporter should display an options dialog by default, otherwise false.