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DAZ Script DOM character data node.


Inherits :

Inherited By : DzDomComment and DzDomText



DAZ Script
DzDomCharacterData ()


DAZ Script
voidappendData ( String arg )
voiddeleteData ( Number offset, Number count )
voidinsertData ( Number offset, String arg )
voidreplaceData ( Number offset, Number count, String arg )
StringsubstringData ( Number offset, Number count )

Detailed Description

Represents a character data node in a DOM document.


String : data

The text data for the node

Number : length

[Read Only] The length of the data



Default constructor. Typically, you will not construct these directly, but will call DzDomDocument::createText() or DzDomDocument::createCDATASection() to create a new character data node as a member of a document.


void : appendData( String arg )

Appends arg to the end of the current text for this node.

void : deleteData( Number offset, Number count )

Removes count characters from this node's data beginning at offset.

void : insertData( Number offset, String arg )

Inserts arg into the current text for this node at position offset.

void : replaceData( Number offset, Number count, String arg )

Replaces count characters in this node's data beginning at offset with the string arg

String : substringData( Number offset, Number count )

Return Value:

  • A substring from the this node's data beginning with offset, and count characters long