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Base class for DForms.


Inherits :


DAZ Script
DzDFormBase ()


DAZ Script
DzDFormgetDForm ()

Detailed Description

The Base is one component of a DForm deformer. The others are the DzDForm, DzDFormZone and dformmodifier_dz.

The DForm Base functions as the origin for the DForm deformation effect, as detailed in the DForm class.

The DForm Base and Zone can be created separately from the DForm and then joined together with the addDForm(), addZone(), etc functions.

The DForm Base is a skeleton and the DForm itself is a bone of the Base. This prevents the two components from being reparented away from each other and retains the parent-child relationship for the relative transform calculations.

The DForm Base draws itself in the scene using the DForm_base_ColorMax and DForm_base_ColorMin embedded geometry. The DForm_base_ColorMax is drawn with the maximum color of the vertex weight color gradient and the DForm_base_ColorMin is drawn with the minimum color.



Default Constructor.


DzDForm : getDForm()

Returns the Bases's DForm

Return Value:

  • The DForm for this Base.