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Login.../Work Offline Button

The Login…/Work Offline Button enables access to products purchased through Daz 3D—whether those products are purchased on the website in a browser or directly within the application through the Store Page—using services provided by daz_connect. Clicking the button when it displays “Login…” causes a “Daz 3D Account Login” dialog to display and allows connection to a Daz 3D account. This can also be accomplished by selecting the Connect > Login… Action in the Main Menu Bar. Once logged in, the text displayed on the button will update to read “Work Offline.”

Clicking the button when it displays “Work Offline,” or selecting the Connect > Work Offline Action in the Main Menu Bar, signs out the Daz 3D account and updates the text to read “Login….” again.

To Do: Describe use/behavior of multiple accounts

Login/Work Offline Button