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First of all, welcome to this tutorial series dedicated to Hexagon! Even though Hexagon has been designed to be easy to use while providing advanced functions, there is nothing better than some hands-on training to complete the Reference Manual, and enhance your knowledge.

In the following series you will find different levels of tutorials, from very simple ones to more advanced techniques, which will both help you to better learn and master Hexagon.

Of course, you may not find the solution to all your modeling needs, but you will get an overview of the software, which will enable you become more proficient in your own 3D creations at a much faster pace.

For more in-depth information and descriptions, please refer to the Reference Guide section.


PDF Manuals

  • Hexagon 2.1 Manual
    • English - PDF (12 MB)
    • French - PDF (12 MB)
  • QWERTY Keyboard Shortcuts - PDF (257 KB)