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Tutorial - Genesis Dragon Slayer for DS4

Learn how to create this Dragon Slayer image from the included content inside DAZ Studio 4.

Skills you will learn in this video are...

  • Using the default Genesis figure, an outfit is added.
  • Props and accessories applied to the figure.
  • Apply a surface texture/material on the figure.
  • By selecting clothing items in the scene tab, you can quickly change the color or texture of each item.
  • Manipulate the shape of the figure, using a preset or customize as you will.
  • Add the dragon to the scene. Apply the material preset, and pose preset to pose and position the dragon in the scene.
  • Add the background set/environment to the scene.
  • Apply the pose preset to the sash.
  • Add light and camera presets to the scene.
  • Look through different cameras or views.
  • Adjust the settings in the render settings tab.
  • Render the scene.