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Product Name: TraffiKar
Product ID: 9276
Published Artist(s): deci6el
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2009-06-25

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Tired of your street scenes looking desolate?

Now you can fill your streets the economical way with Traffikar, the light-weight vehicle. With only 4,376 polys you can populate your scene with the many styles and colors of TraffiKar. It eliminates all interior detail that would go unused in background traffic. Its light construction and easy 11 morphs let you create a diverse range of street and air vehicles.

TraffiKar comes with rotating tires that can also be posed as repulsors for hovering, or thrusters for higher altitudes.

In addition, a lighter TraffiKar, without tires, can be added when you want to further slim down your poly count for those distant traffic jams.

Three different texture designs allow you to modify the style of each car. Each design comes in four different states of wear from factory fresh to rust bucket. Displacement maps add more realism for closer camera angles. Material designs allow you to pick your own individual body colors and accent maps allow you to add a secondary color, so that no two cars ever need be the same.

Four pre-constructed groups of traffic or TraffiQ's allow you to build up your urban congestion.

Product Notes

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TraffiKar (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “TraffiKar:HIRES_08bit”
    • Figures: “TraffiKar:HIRES_16bit”
    • Figures: “TraffiKar:lores”
    • Materials: “TraffiKar:Tires”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Razor:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Razor:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Razor:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Sedan:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Sedan:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Sedan:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Teardrop:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Teardrop:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Accent_Mats:Teardrop:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Razor:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Razor:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Razor:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Sedan:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Sedan:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Sedan:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Teardrop:HIRES_08bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Teardrop:HIRES_16bit”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Condition_Mats:Teardrop:lores”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Mats:Tires”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Morphs:INJECT”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Morphs:REMOVE”
    • Pose: “TraffiKar:Tire_Poses”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Vehicles”
    • “Poses:Props & Accessories”
    • “Shaping:Apply”
    • “Shaping:Remove”
    • “Transportation:Air”

Additional Details

  • For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the Tutorials for Poser or DAZ Studio
  • TraffiKar is designed as a low-poly solution to filling your streets or skies with multiple vehicles while being kind to your memory resources.
  • It is essential that you enable Ray Tracing and Displacement Maps in the Firefly render options to get the most out of TraffiKar, especially if any of the cars are destined to get close to the camera.
  • For more distant vehicles use the Lores No_RT materials as they do not require displacements and use a reflection map instead of ray tracing reflections.
  • Materials for TraffiKar have been optimized to allow the user flexibility in choosing any body color inside the Materials Room.
  • A selection of Accent mattes are available for each of the three designs, Razor, Sedan, Teardrop.
  • The Paint Color node in the Materials Room allows you to choose a secondary color to feed through the Accent matte creating more visually diverse traffic.
  • Morphs for TraffiKar have a 0 to 1 limit and were designed to be used one at a time. Feel free to experiment. Combine at your own risk.
  • TraffiKar comes with three distinct designs: Razor, Sedan and Teardrop.
  • Each of these are defined by their materials and as such it is not recommended that they be combined ie; The Teardrop Accents will not work with the Sedan or Razor textures, etc.

Help Guides:

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

  • Due to the material settings used, the TraffiKars may not display correctly in the preview window. They will appear correctly when rendered.


Visit our site for technical support questions or concerns.

The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native and Poser Native formats