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Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion

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Product Name: Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion
Product ID: 83137
Published Artist(s): GCJellyfish
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2021-09-23

Product Information

The original Dirty Dishes product began to address the problem of food and drink props that looked good at the beginning of a meal, but that didn't allow rendering scenes part-way through meals, or show the aftermath of a nice dinner. Finally, you can have good-looking food and drinks, and tell the story of a meal being eaten from beginning to end. But the story of a meal begins even before the first plate is set on the table, and that is where Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion comes in.

The Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion expands the story of your meals to include seeing the ingredients prepared and cooked, while also expanding the variety of meals and beverages that get the full Dirty Dishes treatment.

Let your characters snack on two types of cookies, sumo mandarins, apples, or ice cream in a sugar cone. Or let them eat a breakfast of cereal, or have a bowl of split pea soup for lunch. Other meals include fish and chips, breaded sole with corn and egg/beetroot salad, lemon chicken with green beans and potatoes, satay chicken on a bed of rice, tacos, wraps, meatloaf surprise with cauliflower and cheese sauce, and even a delicious strawberry shortcake dessert with whipped cream. Enjoy each of them from the beginning of the meal to the end.

Wash the food down with a cup of coffee, a shot of liquor, or one of several ready-made cocktails. Morphs for tilting the fluid; emptying the cup; ripples; and turbulence are all present. And new tilt scripts for the cocktails and shots save you the hassle of adjusting materials and morphs on items such as the dirt layer, condensation, crushed ice, and more. Several types of liquor can be selected that take advantage of the Iridescent Shaders for Iray created by Oso3D.

Food preparation scenes are now made easy: there are ready-made subsets that encompass flouring and breading/battering fish, applying herbs to raw chicken, adding seasoning salt and pepper to burgers and steaks, or simply chopping asparagus for the pot. The saucepan and frying pan comes complete with food being cooked, water being boiled, foam boiling over, and all the grease and grime you'd expect. Like those suspiciously clean plates that Dirty Dishes consigned to the past, unrealistically clean and shiny cooking pots, pans, bowls, and cutting boards will no longer blight your renders.

Bonus items in the product include a cereal box and inner bag, a milk carton with a removable lid and a stream of milk being poured, a coffee mug in the process of shattering, a scattering of broken mug pieces, a restaurant bill holder with a credit card, pen, bills, mints and wrappers; and a dirty steak knife to complement the cutlery from the original product. There are templates available for customizing the cardholder and bank name on the credit card, for designing your own bill, for making your own coffee mug designs, or designing your own cereal box if you'd like.

Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion is designed to work hand-in-glove with the assets from the original Dirty Dishes product and there are lots of opportunities for kit-bashing with items from both products. It also includes a dozen new food dirt materials that work with the original Dirty Dishes plates, bowls, and dForce dirt surfaces. Add Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion to the Dirty Dishes in your library today and enjoy the increased versatility it offers.

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Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Alcohol Fluid Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Coffee”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Coffee:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Coffee:Materials:Coffee Fluid”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Coffee:Materials:Coffee Mug Dirt”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Coffee:Materials:Coffee Thick Foam”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Components”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Components:Prop Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Components:Prop Materials:Skewers”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Components:Prop Materials:Straws”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Components:Prop Materials:Umbrella”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Premade Cocktails”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Martini:Tilt Scripts”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Shots:Components”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Shots:Components:Component Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Shots:Premade Shots”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Drinks:Shots:Tilt Scripts”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cake”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cake:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cereal”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cereal:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cookies”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Cookies:Cookie Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Egg”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Egg:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Fish”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Fish:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Fruit”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Fruit:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Icecream”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Icecream:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Meat”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Meat:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Rice”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Rice:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Soup”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Soup:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tacos and Wraps”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tacos and Wraps:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tortillas”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tortillas:Materials:Corn Baked”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tortillas:Materials:Corn Unbaked”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Tortillas:Materials:Flour Tortilla”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Vegetable”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Food Components:Vegetable:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Cutting Board Dirt:LIE Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Cutting Board Dirt:Prebaked Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Frypan Dirt”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Frypan Props”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Frypan Props:Fish Slice Dirt”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Frypan Props:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Dirt”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props:Eggshell Pieces”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props:Mixing Bowl Fluid Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props:Pile Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props:Prop Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Mixing Bowl Props:Wooden Spoon Dirt”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Saucepan Dirt Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Saucepan Props”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Saucepan Props:Saucepan Prop Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Kitchenware:Steakknife Dirt”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Documents”
    • “Materials:Iray:Props”
    • “Materials:Props”
    • “Props:Food”
    • “Props:Kitchenware”
    • “Props:Personal”
    • “Utilities:Scripts”

Dirty Dishes Food and Drink Expansion (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other:Bill Holder Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other:Cereal Container Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other:Condiment Bowl Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other:Condiment Dirt Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Other:Condiment Fluid Materials”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Cutting Board Prep”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Frypan Prep”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Mixing Bowl Prep”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Saucepan Prep:Large”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Saucepan Prep:Medium”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Food Preparation:Saucepan Prep:Small”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Bowl of Cereal”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Bowl of Split Pea Soup”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Dover Sole”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Fish And Chips”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Lemon Chicken”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Meatloaf Surprise”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Satay Chicken and Rice”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Strawberry Shortcake”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:Dirty Dishes 2:Premade Meals:Tacos and Wraps”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dinnerware:Cutlery:Dirt Materials DD2”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dirty Plates:Dirt Materials DD2:Black Crockery”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dirty Plates:Dirt Materials DD2:Blue Crockery”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dirty Plates:Dirt Materials DD2:Green Crockery”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dirty Plates:Dirt Materials DD2:Light Crockery”
    • “Props:GCJellyfish:DirtyDishes:Dirty Plates:Dirt Materials DD2:Red Crockery”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Documents”
    • “Materials:Iray:Props”
    • “Materials:Props”
    • “Props:Food”
    • “Props:Kitchenware”
    • “Props:Personal”
    • “Utilities:Scripts”

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