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Castle Creator For Daz Studio

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Product Name: Castle Creator for Daz Studio
Product ID: 82618
Published Artist(s): BradCarsten
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2021-08-02

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Welcome to Castle Creator for Daz Studio, your all-in-one Castle builder, where you get to control every step of the process - from the size of the walls to the number, shape, and position of the windows on each tower. If you don't feel like building it yourself, Castle Creator comes with three fully built castles, as well as over seventy prebuilt sections, such as towers, buildings, and entrances.

There are over 250 individual sections, and each one has built-in ERC sliders to snap the pieces together like building blocks for a quick and effortless process.

There are three round tower sizes, Hex and square towers, battlements or conical roofs, and five different window types, enabling you to create countless castle styles from many different regions or eras.

Instance scripts allow you to add dozens of sections together without overloading your system and once you have completed your masterpiece, OBJ scripts will allow you to save the castle as a single object which is far less resource hungry and can also be exported into other programs.

Whether you want to add a majestic focal point to your fantasy and historical scenes, or simply flex your creative muscles, Castle Creator will give you all of the tools that you need to create the right castle for almost any project.

Product Notes

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Castle Creator For Daz Studio (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Bridge:Bridge01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle01:Individual Structures”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle02”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle02:Individual Structures”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle03”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Castles:Castle03:Individual Structures”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Entrance”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Roof:Roof01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Tower:Hexagonal Tower”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Tower:Round Tower Large”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Tower:Round Tower Small”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Tower:Round Tower”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Tower:Square Tower”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Complete Structures:Walkway”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Arch:Arch01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Battlement:Battlement01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Bridge:Bridge01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Buttress:Buttress01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Decoration:Arch01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Decoration:Arch02”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Decoration:Trim01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Decoration:Wall Trim01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Entrance:Door01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Entrance:Door02”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Entrance:Main Doorway01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Entrance:Portcullis01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Entrance:Trapdoor01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Floor:Floor01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Pillar:Pillar01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Pillar:Pillar02”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Roof:Cap01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Roof:Roof01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Roof:Trim01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Hexagonal Tower:Level 1”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Hexagonal Tower:Level 2”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Hexagonal Tower:Level 3”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Round Tower Large”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Round Tower Small”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Tower:Round Tower”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Walkway:Arch Walkway01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Wall:Wall01”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Individual Sections:Window”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Shaders:BrickBase”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Shaders:Roof Tiles”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Shaders:StoneFloor”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Tools:Construction Scripts”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Tools:Create Obj Scripts”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Brad Carsten:Castle Creator:Tools:Nulls”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Documents”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Exterior”
    • “Props:Architecture”
    • “Props:Other”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Brick”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Stone”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Tile”
    • “Utilities:Scripts”

Additional Details

  • Scripts included in this product may include source or derivative code from one or more of the Scripting Samples provided here:

Resolved Issues

  • 2022-08-18 - Apply Materials script updated as sometimes it wasn't recognizing/assigning all the textures.

Known Issues

  • None


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The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native formats