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Below is a list of files provided by the Defense SUV product.


Defense SUV

  • Content :
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/Defence SUV/Defence SUV.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/Defence SUV/Morphs/Charlie/Base/Spin Wheels.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/Defence SUV/Morphs/Charlie/Base/Steer Left{2F}Right.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/Defence SUV/UV Sets/Charlie/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon/DS Weapon.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon/Morphs/Charlie/Base/Weapon Rotate.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon/Morphs/Charlie/Base/Weapon Up{2F}Down.dsf
    • /data/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon/UV Sets/Charlie/Base/default.dsf
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_70303_Defense_SUV.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_70303_Defense_SUV.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_70303_Defense_SUV.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Bonnet Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Bonnet Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Chassis Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Chassis Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Doors Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Doors Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Pickup Bed Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Pickup Bed Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Weapon Emmi.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L F Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L F Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L M Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L M Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L R Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel L R Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R F Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R F Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R M Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R M Diff.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R R Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Charlie/Defence SUV/DS Wheel R R Diff.jpg
    • /Vehicles/Defence SUV/Defence SUV.duf
    • /Vehicles/Defence SUV/Defence SUV.duf.png
    • /Vehicles/Defence SUV/Props/DS Weapon.duf
    • /Vehicles/Defence SUV/Props/DS Weapon.duf.png