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Below is a list of files provided by the Riding Mower For Iray product.


Riding Mower For Iray

  • Content :
    • /data/serum/Ride On Mower/Ride On Mower/Ride On Mower_230712.dsf
    • /data/serum/Ride On Mower/Ride On Mower/UV Sets/serum/Base/default.dsf
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_60537_Riding_Mower_For_Iray.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_60537_Riding_Mower_For_Iray.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_60537_Riding_Mower_For_Iray.png
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body BLUE_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body BLUE_Diffuse.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body BLUE_GLOSSY COLOUR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body BLUE_Normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body_Diffuse.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body_GLOSSY COLOUR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body_Metal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/body_Normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/CHASSIS_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/CHASSIS_Diffuse.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/CHASSIS_GLOSSY COLOUR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/CHASSIS_metal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/CHASSIS_Normal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/wheel_Bump.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/wheel_Diffuse.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/wheel_GLOSSY COLOUR.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/wheel_Metal.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/Serum/Ride On Mower/wheel_Normal.jpg
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Mats/Ride On Mower Blue.duf
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Mats/Ride On Mower Blue.duf.png
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Mats/Ride On Mower Red.duf
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Mats/Ride On Mower Red.duf.png
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Ride On Mower.duf
    • /Vehicles/Ride On Mower/Ride On Mower.duf.png