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Product Name: RexPLUS
Product ID: 5362
Published Artist(s): Gareee
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2007-05-23

Product Information

  • Required Products: Tyrannosaurus

RexPLUS adds body part scaling, additional shape morphs, animation morphs, additional props, and even a texture enhancement overlay for Digital I's Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Product Notes

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  • 1 Core 1)

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RexPLUS (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Gareee:Rex-PLUS”
    • Materials: “Gareee:Rex-PLUS”
    • Pose: “Gareee:Rex-PLUS”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Figures:Animals:Land”
    • “Materials:Props”

Thank you for purchasing Rex-Plus for Digital I's T-rex.

Basic use: Just use the Rex-Plus character as opposed to the original one.. everything it included if in Rex-Plus and more!

A number of enhancements have been implemented in RexPLUS in addition to scaling and morph additions. You will not see anything different, other then things bend better, and overall useability is improved.

For best use, turn on poser's “use limits” feature. All morphs in Rex-Plus have been limited to their maximum positive and negative uses. (Also some morphs or joints from the original have maximized useability now as well.)

NOTE: PBM (Partial Body Morphs) are not hidden but are available in all body parts as their use can be beneficial in some circumstances.

New features in Rex-Plus are:

(Listed in order of location)

BODY: (NOTE: all scaling controls are maximized for a dial setting of “1”, however all PBM scale smooth adjustment dials are available to tweak lower settings.)

Pose Assists: These were added to make posing your Rex much easier. They are best used first, and include bend/twist/side-side for both the Head and the Main body as well. Head controls the head and both Neck groups for easy realistic movement, and the Body dials control Abdomen, Chest, and both Neck groups

Full Breathe (Set to “1” inhale is at full. Full breathe is erc controlled, and features nostril morphing, jaw tilt, chest tilt, and inhale chest morph all at one time! Animation Usage Example: At frame 1, set full breath to “0” and keyframe. at frame 15, set it to “1” and keyframe, and at frame 30, set it back to “0” and keyframe. play the preview, and you'll see a breathe cycle. Making Rex look alive takes seconds now!

Baby: Set to “1” you have a Baby T-rex. setting it to lesser values (say,.5) results in a adolescent as opposed to a baby size. All scaling and morphing options are available in RexPLUS, so if you choose to make a different baby appearance, you can. Note: The baby morph does not work in DAZ|Studio.

TIP: once you scale the proper body parts, scale the entire figure down, and then select “drop to floor” to rest him on the ground properly.

Hammond: A morph for a more “Jurassic Park” type T-rex

Smooth Neck Veins Smooth Hind Veins Bighead Big Shoulders BigArms Bighands Long Claws BigThighs BigLegs Big Feet ThinNeck Emaciated ThinShins (calves) Full Belly

Swallow 1,2,3 (These are designed for a swallow type animation, but can also be used for body styling as well. Animation Usage Example: at frame 1 keyframe. At frame 8, set swallow 1 to “1” and keyframe. At frame 16, set swallow 1 to “0”, and set swallow 2 to “1” and keyframe. At frame 24, set swallow2 to “0”, and set swallow 3 to “1” and keyframe. At frame 30, set swallow 3 to “0” and keyframe, and play the preview animation! TIP: The jaw can now open about 20% wider without issues.. this can be used in conjunction with a larger bit of “food” and then the swallow morphs!

ToenailLength DorsalFins FatTail SM-Heavy (For future use)

NOTE: One additional body style dial is available in the Hip group.. the ability to lengthen or shorten the entire Tail!


Note: Dials with dual use naming can be negative dialed for additional morph possibilities. Cadavasaurus: Used in conjunction with the cadavasaurus image overlay, you can get a great fantasy undead t-rex appearance. Note the Eyes are now lidless, so of course blink and wince dials have no effect. (See below for Cadavasaurus overlay use.)

BigEyes (Note Blink NEW and Blink Upper are provided for blinking the big eyes without mesh popthrough. it can be used as a replacement for Blink if you choose, but should be set at .5 for original eye scale.)

Widehead TaperMouth BigSmile DevileHorns DevilHornsBig Brows Up-Down Widehead HornNose HornNose2 ArmorSnout BrowsSmooth BrowsHeavy BrowsPointed CheekbonesIn-Out NosePoint Blink Upper Blink Upper Left Blink Upper Right WideEyed Wince2 Wince2 Left Wince2 Right Angry Angry2 NoseDodo WideNostrils BigNostrils SquareNose Ext-Teeth ToothLength (can be negative dialed for a toothless appearance) Fang1,2,3 SideTeethWidth

JAW: Raise-LWRTongueBack (can be used in conjunction with swallow morphs for animation purposes) SmoothTongue PointyTounge JawDeep

(NOTE: all T-RexPLUS Jaw tongue morphs are also provided in the Tongue 1 group for ease of use.)

HIP: Z-ScaleTail

Note: Due to the difference in how DAZ|Studio handles scaling versus Poser, the following morphs are not recommended for use in DAZ|Studio:

Baby BigHead BigArms BigHands BigLegs BigFeet


(NOTE: all RexPLUS props load without textures applied.. use the provided mat files or materials provided to apply their maps RexFins Load the RexFins as an additional figure. Conform this then to the T-rex Plus character.

Horns (various)Please Note Conforming the horns will place them above the head. Make sure you Parent them to the figure. Load these figures, and rather then conform them, parent them to the T-rex body part of your choice. Note that they all load positioned for the head, HOWEVER can be located anywhere on the Rex Body, and parented to any body part! In addition, they all have a number of style options:

Select their BODY for x/y/z scaling and also full scaling larger or smaller. select the BASE for all Easypose Dials, and figure scaling Select H1 for lengthening or shortening the horns, without affecting the horn base

Be creative! These can be used for other figures as well, and can be used for tail spikes, shoulder horns, additional claws, anything you can dream up!

Cadavasaurus overlay use: (This does require some knowledge of layer manipulation in the 2d image editor of your choice)

To use this, load the cadavasaurus-col.png file into any psd layer compatible 2d image editing software (most popular are Photoshop and variants, and PaintShopPro. You'll note two layers: the original T-Rex Template, and the new overlay. Now also load any T-rex compatible texture, like the originals, or the ones created by rawart3D. Copy that texture into the overlay image, so it creates a new layer. This should be then positioned above the template, and below the actual overlay graphic.

Save this now as a jpg file, so it can be used in Daz Studio, or Poser.xx.

Once you apply the texture in poser or Daz studio, edit materials, and replace the skin jpg file with your new overlayed texture file!

Repeat this procedure as well with the cadavasaurus-bmp.psd file for the bump maps.

Note: The original template is provided as an aid to line up the texture map when you move that into the overlay files.

I hope this expansion provides you not only more realistic T-rex poser use, but also some additional fantasy uses as well.

Additional Details

Resolved Issues

  • 2013-09-17 - Updated issue with Fins, added Metadata.

Known Issues

  • None


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