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Below is a list of files provided by the Beach Props product.


Beach Props

  • Content :
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Chair/Beach Props Chair.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Chair/UV Sets/Imaginary House/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Drink/Breach Props Drink.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Drink/UV Sets/Imaginary House/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Hut/Beach Props Hut.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Hut/UV Sets/Imaginary House/Base/default.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Table/Beach Props Table.dsf
    • /data/Imaginary House/bt_scene/Beach Props Table/UV Sets/Imaginary House/Base/default.dsf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props !Preload 3Delight.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props !Preload 3Delight.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Chair 3Delight.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Chair 3Delight.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Drink 3Delight.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Drink 3Delight.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Hut 3Delight.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Hut 3Delight.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Table 3Delight.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/3Delight/Beach Props Table 3Delight.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props !Preload Iray.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props !Preload Iray.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Chair Iray.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Chair Iray.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Drink Iray.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Drink Iray.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Hut Iray.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Hut Iray.png
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Table Iray.duf
    • /Props/Beach Props/Iray/Beach Props Table Iray.png
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_52739_Beach_Props.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_52739_Beach_Props.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_52739_Beach_Props.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/beach hut.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/beach hutB.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/beach hutN.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/cushion.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/cushionB.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/lemon.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/lemonB.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/table.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/tableB.jpg
    • /Runtime/Textures/bt_scene/tableN.jpg