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Below is a list of files provided by the 360 Rotating Turntable Animations product.


360 Rotating Turntable Animations

  • Content :
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !instructions.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !instructions.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !instructions2.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !instructions2.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 23sec CCW.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 23sec CCW.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 23sec CW.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 23sec CW.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 46sec CCW.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 46sec CCW.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 46sec CW.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA !Node 46sec CW.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CCW Fast.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CCW Fast.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CCW Slow.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CCW Slow.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CW Fast.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CW Fast.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CW Slow.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 23sec CW Slow.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CCW Fast.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CCW Fast.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CCW Slow.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CCW Slow.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CW Fast.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CW Fast.duf.png
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CW Slow.duf
    • /Animations/TurnTable/TA Node 46sec CW Slow.duf.png
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_47457_360_Rotating_Turntable_Animations.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_47457_360_Rotating_Turntable_Animations.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_47457_360_Rotating_Turntable_Animations.jpg