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Celinette Clothes for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Product Name: Celinette Clothes for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Product ID: 45425
Published Artist(s): 3D-GHDesign
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2017-07-05

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

This full outfit set is a perfect addition to your fantasy world. Ethereal, feathery, flowing and the flaunting veils, the delicate curling jewelry with round gemstones and sparkling crystals brings magic into your render.

The rigged draped skirt and veils are very easy to pose. Use the included shape, movement and adjustment morphs and mix with posing via the bones - the clothes can follow almost every pose, even many extreme ones. The included sample pose dials allow maximum flexibility using the pieces. See the promotional images for some examples.

Multiple material zones for easy customization. Easy application of all materials at once to all outfit pieces can be achieved through hierarchical material presets.

The outfit supports almost all of the Genesis 3 Female figures even Star 2.0, Full Body morphs and Breast Shape morphs.

Product Notes

Installation Packages

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Celinette Clothes for Genesis 3 Female(s) (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Circlet and Decor”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Panties”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Shoes”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Skirt”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Top”
    • “People:Genesis 3 Female:Clothing:3D-GHDesign:Celinette:Iray:Veils”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Accessories:Arms”
    • “Accessories:Arms:Upper”
    • “Accessories:Head”
    • “Accessories:Waist”
    • “Documents”
    • “Materials:Iray:Accessories”
    • “Materials:Iray:Wardrobe”
    • “Props:Wardrobe”
    • “Shaders:Iray:Fabric”
    • “Wardrobe:Footwear”
    • “Wardrobe:Outfits”
    • “Wardrobe:Shirts”
    • “Wardrobe:Skirts”
    • “Wardrobe:Underwear:Bottoms”

Additional Details

  • Loading the clothing items
    • Select Genesis 3 Female and load the pre-load sets or the single items.
        • The set includes 2 kinds of preload-sets.
          • 1. Load everything except the Waist Veils. The Top loaded with the separate crystal.
          • 2. Load everything except the skirt. The Top loaded with the built-in crystal.
        • Each item has more material options. You can apply them one-by-one, but to ease your work, there are Hierarchical Material Presets. If you use them, just select your Genesis 3 Female figure and apply the desired set. The materials will load to each of the clothing items with one click.
      • The Celinette Top has 2 versions.
        • 1. Load with the built-in crystal
        • 2. Load with the separate crystal - the built-in crystal is hidden here.
  • Difference between the built-in and the separate crystals.
    • Built-in top crystal is smoother because of the Celinette Top's High Resolution method.
    • When applying figure shapes on Genesis 3 Female, this crystal may distort a little.
    • Separate crystal is more faceted. The faceted materials look much better on this. Select this if you want a faceted style. This crystal also contains some shaping morphs.
    • When applying figure shapes on Genesis 3 Female, this crystal will follow the Top and doesn't distort. You can also use translation dials on this.
  • If you load the first version and later want to use the separate one, hide the built-in crystal with the included shape morph, select Celinette Top and load the separate Celinette Top Crystal. Later, when you apply any materials on this crystal, don't forget to select it first. Same for the Waist Crystal. You have to select Waist Decor first and load the Waist Crystal.
    • Using the clothing items
      • The items contain several shaping, movement and adjustment morphs. Please take a look at them first to see your options. With posing the rigged bones and using the included shapes and pose-dials, they can be posed to follow any legs, arms and body transitions even some extreme ones. Don't hesitate using them to emphasize the set's features. For this, there are several posing dials too.
      • Please do not over-pose bones. In that case they may deform. You can also use scaling on bones. With this option you can achieve different looks.
    • Celinette Skirt
      • The skirt is fully rigged. Includes several bones to ease posing. The skirt geometry is not symmetrical, therefore Back - use this if you want to pose the full back side. It is good for moving the whole back part higher. It moves the part straight from the top of the skirt.
      • Left/RightBack - this moves the right/left side of the back part with a slight bend.
      • Left/RightBack Swing - this moves the bottom part of the corresponding back side. It has a strong bend.
      • Front - It moves the whole front part straight from the top of the skirt. On the sides there are slight bends.
      • Left/RightFront - it moves only the corresponding side of the Front. There is a smooth bend on sides.
      • Left/RightSide - it moves the lower parts with a stronger bend.
    • Back Veil
      • The Back Veil has 4 bones. You can pose it easily.
    • Arm Veils
      • The Arm Veils have 4 bones. Due to Shoulder parts, it can't be posed directly below the metal part. However there are adjustment morphs to move the veils away from the arm if needed.
    • Waist Veils
      • The Waist Veils has several bones. Each Veil, except the Back one has 3 bones. The Back Veil, because that is the longest, has 4 bones. It is made to be used without the skirt, but you can use them together as well. In this case you can adjust the top parts with the included adjustment morphs. The only veil you can't fit to all of the skirt movements or shapes is the front part. It can be posed to follow many poses, but not all. In this case you should use the helping preset to hide this veil. Note, if you use any material presets, the veil will be visible again. You will have to use it again.
    • Styling, Moving, Adjustment and Posing morphs
      • The morphs are color-coded. You can tell apart easily. In the Parameter tab you see all of them under the Actor group and in the corresponding sub-groups.Check the Posing Tab too, because posing dials are visible only there and not in the Shaping Tab.
  • Thank you for your support and happy rendering!

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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