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Iray SkyDome Super PAK

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Product Name: Iray SkyDome Super PAK
Product ID: 29274
Published Artist(s): Magix 101
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2016-04-02

Product Information

Iray SkyDome Super Pak is an amazingly powerful add on PAK for the best selling Iray Skydome. This Super Pak is just that, it contains 22 new instant Scenes, 24 New Skies, 40 Ground styles, 18 Water styles and 33 New Horizons.

Add to that 23 New Custom created HDR and UHD 12000 x 3800 super clean sky images included at a fraction of the price of many lower quality

ones available elsewhere online, not to mention the detailed custom ground and water tiles and specially designed horizon backgrounds.

This is what Iray Skydome Super Pak offers.

Is it versatile? Yes it is, its now possible to have incredibly versatile and stunningly real worlds right within Daz Studio with just a couple of clicks.

Plus you can change any main feature, such as the Sky, Water, Ground, Sun Position, World Spin etc…with a simple double click, and the combinations are endless.

Is it fast? Yes it is, the Iray Skydome Super Pak has been optimized so its very fast to render even quite larhe images. As an example the Barren Valley preset used in the main image took 8 min to fully render a wide 2000 x 1000 image with a GTX-970 Card and 4 min to render the same image to 90%, most Iray Skydome Super Pak renders don't need to go above 90% to increase the quality.

Is it realistic? Unbelievably so, its using real world physics, an accurate light throwing IR-Sun within a larhe illuminated dome using real world skies, grounds etc.

It goes further than that though, it is also capable of Hi Fantasy scenes and much more.

Can I add people and architecture to it? Absolutely, check the display images, you can add cities, towns, people…..whatever you like, there is no limit really, its very large.

Does it require much memory? Not really, the most important thing is to have a reasonably powerful Cuda Card, however I tested it with a pretty low count Cuda Card and I still had no real problems using it.

The Iray Skydome Super Pak will put the power of a Super Hi Speed World Creation kit with Real world lighting inside Daz Studio Iray at a very low price.

What it offers is virtually unbeatable, this product adds a whole new dimension to Daz Studio Iray, this is Daz Studio on steroids!!

Product Notes

Installation Packages

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  • 1 Core 1)

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Iray SkyDome Super PAK (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:1 Scenes”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:2 Sky MATS”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:3 Ground MATS”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:3 Water MATS”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:4 Horizon MAT+MOR”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:5 Spin World”
    • “Environments:Iray-Worlds:Iray SkyDome:Super PAK 1:6 Spin Skies”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Environments:Skydome”
    • “Materials:Iray:Landscape”
    • “Poses:By Function:Scene Position”
    • “Poses:Other:Reset”
    • “Poses:Props and Accessories”

Additional Details

  • APPLYING AND USING Iray SkyDome Super PAK 1
    • Go to “ My DAZ 3D Library\Environments\Iray Worlds\Iray SkyDome\Super PAK1 or where you have the Iray Worlds installed (Check your DAZ installer)
      • 1.Go to the “1 Scenes”, the first folder in the “Iray Worlds\Iray SkyDome\Super PAK 1” directory, you will find 22 Pre Set Scenes.
      • Simply double click on any one and it will automatically setup in Daz Studio.
      • If you wish to see what it looks like simple select NVIDIA Iray from the drop down menu under the View Icon in either the Main or Aux Viewport. Depending on your card , it will do a render so you can see what your scene looks like.
      • Thats it, practically all scenes are lit by a single Iray Sun, to change the Sun Intensity, position etc go to the Main Iray SkyDome Directory make sure the Iray Sun is selected in your scene.
        • To do this select “IR-Base/IR-Sun” and then go to the main directory and select either “2 Sun Color” or “3 Sun Positions” and apply to your Sun for all sorts of different lighting angles and intensities.
        • Dont forget that the sky also provides lighting in the scenes, so complete lighting changes requires not just adjusting the Sun alone.
    • The Render settings should be set up for you automatically when you select a scene from the “1 Scenes” folder, now make sure that the main camera is in use, its usually called “Film Cam” you should view you Iray scene through that to begin.
    • If you wish to change the Sky, Ground, Water, Horizon or spin the World or Skies, go to one of the folders below.
      • As an example if you want to change the Sky, then first select IR-Base/IR-Skydome in the Scene Panel, then in Surfaces select IR-Skydome and simply apply the Sky MAT of your choice.
      • If you want to see whats illuminating the Iray world, the Sky or Sun, to see the skies first select IR-Base/IR-Skydome in the scene tab, then select Surfaces/IR-Skydome/IR-Skies/Emission and you will see the emission color, temperature and luminance.
      • The same also applies to the Sun, first select the IR-base/IR-Sun in the Scene tab and then follow the same procedure in Surfaces. As an example if you want to darken the scene simply select Luminance in the Emission section in either the Sun ot Skies or both and simply take off a zero, the scene will immediately become a lot darker, because the Sun or the Sky is throwing out less light and light distance.
      • If you wish to change any other feature in the main scene, follow this basic rule, first select the section in the Scene Panel, then the Surfaces Panel and apply the MAT
    • After you have your scene set up, simply add whatever figures, architecture or props you wish to add by right clicking on them in the Content Library and then selecting “merge into scene”
      • Add an Iray Light of your choice from the Iray-LightSet menu and use “merge into scene”
    • There are some basic morphs on the IR-Base, to access them select IR-Base in the Scene Tab, then Parameters and then Morphs
    • There is also one morph in the SkyDome, select IR-Skydome then Parameters and then Morphs, this morph adjusts the height of the lower clouds.
    • Thats pretty much it, this Super pak makes Iray Skydome incredibly versatile and you should be able to create very professional looking scenes very quickly with a bit of practice.
    • I really hope you like using Iray SkyDome Super PAK 1, and I hope you will find it adds a new dimension to your Daz Studio creations.
      • Best Wishes
        • MAGIX-101

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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