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Below is a list of files provided by the Real Fur for DAZ Big Cat 2 product.


Real Fur for Big Cat 2

  • Content :
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/cheetah.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/jaguar.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Cheetah.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Cheetah.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Jaguar.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Jaguar.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Leopard.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Leopard.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Lion.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Lion.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Lioness.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Lioness.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Puma.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Puma.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Sabertooth.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Sabertooth.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Tiger.duf
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/LAMH_Tiger.png
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/leopard.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/lion.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/lioness.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/puma.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/sabertooth.lmh
    • /Animals/DAZ Big Cat 2/Breeds/AM/tiger.lmh
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_17843_Real_Fur_for_Big_Cats_2.dsa
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_17843_Real_Fur_for_Big_Cats_2.dsx
    • /Runtime/Support/DAZ_3D_17843_Real_Fur_for_Big_Cats_2.jpg