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Shantara City

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Product Name: Shantara City
Product ID: 16451
Published Artist(s): Magix 101
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2013-06-15

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Shantara City is an epic fantasy city for both Poser and DAZ Studio that has been designed, built and refined over several years. No detail has been spared in developing this amazing city that is a total and versatile environment for your DAZ/Poser virtual worlds. It is scaled perfectly for all DAZ/Poser figures, plus all of the many highly detailed hi-rise buildings can be re arranged by the user in endless different variations.

Included in Shatara City are under building areas with seating places, walk throughs, pathways, shelters, decorated tiles, upper stairways, balconies and much more, plus the incredibly detailed hi rise buildings that make up the bulk of Shantara-City. On top of this is a series of included props: seats, paths, bridges, shelters, deco tiles, bins, street lamps etc.. and all of these can be positioned by the user in any part of Shantara City they wish, there is even a special view camera provided for this. Many light sets and Camera sets are also provided in the package for both Poser and DAZ studio users to make it easy to light and view the City.

On top of this if you have WorldBase-XT (by Magix-101) installed, then Shantara City is designed to fit and work perfectly in this environment, so you can then have moody sweeping skies, ground planes, mist and much more, and if you need even more realism, then WorldTrees( by Magix-101) can also be used seamlessly with Shantara City and Worldbase-XT.

However Shantara can be used as a standalone or with other 3rd party sky dome, but they need to be large, because Shantara-City is very large and very detailed. Shantara city will also have many add-ons coming in the near future starting with Sky Villages and Airships and more to follow. Now is the time to open up your DAZ/Poser worlds to incredible new dimensions with Shantara City by Magix-101.

Product Notes

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Camera: “Magix-101:Shantara-Cams”
    • Light: “Magix-101:Shantara-Lights”
    • Props: “Magix-101”
      • “1_Shantara-City”
      • “2_Shantara-Props”
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Magix-101:Architecture:Shantara-City”
      • “1_Shantara-City”
      • “2_Shantara-Props”
      • “3-Shantara-Cams”
      • “4-Shantara-Lights”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Cameras”
    • “Environments:Architecture:Exterior”
    • “Lights:Exterior”
    • “Props:Architecture”
    • “Props:Furnishings”
    • “Props:Industrial”
    • “Props:Landscape”
    • “Props:Lights”
  • All of these products content were created solely by MAGIX-101.
    • I can be contacted at
  • Please note Shantatra City is best used with WorldBase-XT (by Magix-101) in either Poser or DAZ Studio. It is not totally necessary because Shantara City has its own asphalt ground and pathways, but for a stunningly real environment, Worldbase provides skies, land, trees, hills etc..
  • SHANTARA CITY is also completely compatible with WorldBase-XT, it sits perfectly on the ground plane, plus the Worldbase-XT skies and environment are very large and can easily house Shantara City.
  • SHANTARA CITY is also scaled so its height and dimensions are in proper relation to DAZ and Poser figures.
  • In addition all buildings (although available as Inner, Mid, Outer) are able to be arranged individually for endless different city settings
  • It is advisable for the Shantara pathway to be removed if you plan to make major changes to the cities layout.
  • Before using SHANTARA CITY, if you already have WorldBase-XT installed, then put it in your scene first, how to do this is described in the WorldBase-XT read-me.
    • In Poser go to “Props/Magix-101/1_Shantara-City” and apply 1_Paths-Ground, 2_InnerCity, 3_MidCity, 4_OuterCity and if you wish to make the City even larger you can also apply 5_OuterXtra.
    • It is not necessary to use the 5_OuterXtra buildings because they are made up of some of the Outer buildings in a different arrangement, but they do make the City a bit larger if you need to.
    • In DAZ go to “Magix-101/Architecture/Shantara-City” and follow the same procedure.
    • There is another folder called “2_Shantara-Props” in the same Magix-101 main folder in both Poser and DAZ Studio, open this and there are 14 props in there.
    • Many of these props have 2 different versions available in different colors if you need a different look at ground level.
    • These props have to be individually positioned by yourself if you need extra detail on the ground plane within the city.
    • By default they are placed near the Cities entrance, you can use as many as you like in your scene and place them anywhere in the city that you feel you need to.
  • To make this easy the 1st Camera provided for Shantara City in both Poser and DAZ Studio is called “1_Top-(Set-City)”.. simply click on this camera and you will get a good top view.
  • Or you can use the non perspective TOP View and fit the City in the viewable area.
  • Once this is done then all you do is grab your prop with the translate tool and slide it to wherever you want in the city, then apply the next and so on.
  • Its a good idea when you have finished moving the prop to check if the YTran is still at 0.000, so it sits nicely on Shantras asphalt ground.
    • In Poser the Shantara Cameras are located in “Camera/Magix-101/Shantara-Cams, in DAZ Studio they are in the “3-Shantarta-Cams” folder located in the Main “Shantara-City” folder.
    • As already explained the very first Camera “1_Top-(Set-City)” is for viewing and arranging the City for the Top View.
    • All the other cameras need little or no explantion, simply apply them for different views of the City.
    • In Poser the Shantara Lights are located in “Light/Magix-101/Shantara-Lights, in DAZ Studio they are in the “4-Shantara-Lights” folder located in the Main “Shantara-City” folder.
    • In DAZ Studio I have used the Default DAZ Lights for Shantara City's included lights, but if you are familiar with other light sets such as Omnifreaker's UberEnvironment sets you may wish to use those instead to light Shantara City.
    • Same applies to Poser users, you may have some special light set you wish to use.
    • Another point is many of the lights I used in the display renders and provided in the included Light Sets in Poser/DAZ use Raytracing.
    • I find Raytracing along with some Ambient Occlusion get's the most realistic results, but it is slower. So if your renders are too slow then select some of the lights and change the settings to “Shadow Map”.
    • Also set the “Shading Rate” in both apps to be as low as possible for better render results. Simply apply the light presets included and they will give some different variations of lighting for Shantara-City, also the WorldBase-XT Lights work nicely for Shantara City for some scenes.
  • Well thats it. I really hope you like using this Magix-101 Shantara City, I have spent several years developing abd building it and designed it so it works seamlessly with the new WorldBase-XT creating many new and very compelling scenes within Poser and Daz-Studio.
    • MAGIX-101 (HMann)
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
    • 1 Poser Core Installer

Resolved Issues

  • 2023-01-04 - Missing File Error Fixed.

Known Issues

  • None


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