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Popobawa for Genesis

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Product Name: Popobawa for Genesis
Product ID: 15909
Published Artist(s): MAB, WillDupre
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2013-03-24

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Popobawa is a Bat Winged Demon, in western culture they would be considered Incubi or Gargoyles this set works perfectly with all your Genesis characters from the Freak to the Child.

This set comes with a set of fully articulated Geo-grafted Bat wings with the ability to be scaled up and down. Also there is a set of Clawed Feet with fully articulated toes. A set of Geo-grafted Ram Horns adorns the head, a Demon's Tail complete with arrowhead tip, and a complete set of seamlessly Geo-grafted finger tips provides a suitably menacing set of claws. Additional morphs have been included to give Genesis's face a more bat-like visage, and a complete set of full body textures has been supplied for Genesis and all the Geo-grafted parts in 3 color options both with and without tattoos.

This set is compatible with both DAZ Studio and Poser 9/2012.

Product Notes

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Popobawa”
    • Materials: “Popobawa”
    • Materials: “Popobawa:Eyes”
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis:Characters:Popobawa”
      • “Materials”
        • “Diffuse Mix & Match”
        • “Eyes”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Anatomy:External”
    • “Materials:Anatomy”
    • “Materials:Eyes”
    • “Materials:Feminine:Popobawa for Genesis”
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
      • 1 Poser Companion Installer

Resolved Issues

  • 2014-06-25 - Fixed issue where manifest global id was the same.

Known Issues

  • None


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