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Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue

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Product Name: Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue
Product ID: 15839
Published Artist(s): MartinJFrost
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2013-03-10

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

This collection of high resolution models of rock and boulders coupled with a huge number of high resolution materials is essential for any one who wants the ultimate amount of realism in their Vue art.

Consisting of four high poly, high detail models and over fifteen hyper real rock and stone materials (chosen from All of my best selling sets of rock and stone materials to give the highest possible quality and never before offered as one bundle). The materials all come with both a displaced version for those times when you need as high a level of detail as you can get, and a non displaced version which is much faster to render, and perfect for both distant objects and also models which them selves contain a high level of detail. Some materials also come with a third option called Architectural, these have little or no bump map and are perfect for statues and buildings where you want the models detail to remain totally crisp.

Product Notes

  • You can find new icons for this product in the following Folders:
    • “MartinJFrost:Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue:Materials:Rock:Hoodoo Rocks”
    • “MartinJFrost:Hodoo Rockstarz for Vue:Objects:Rocks:Hodoo Rockstars'
  • This set of high resolution rock models and high resolution materials is intended for instances where you need hyper real looking rocks in your scene. Each material supplied comes with both a displaced (slower to render but very realistic) and a non displaced (faster to render and just uses bump mapping). A few materials also come with a version labeled as Architectural - this version has been optimized for use on buildings, statues and other surfaces where it is less desirable for the rock texture to govern the surface topology of the object.
  • The rock models load with no material applied, you can choose the material that you use on them to simulate a whole myriad of rocks and geology. Just pick a rock or stone material from the rockstarz collection or for that matter any other material you choose. Make sure you are certain that it is displaced or non displaced version you are using as this will seriously affect the render times and also your memory usage. (a good tip is to set the scene up with a non displaced version of the material and if you do decide you need an extra level of detail switch it up to the displaced version just before your final render.
  • Remember that when you are position these models, a good percentage of them should be below the ground surface, as in most cases in nature it is very unusual for a large rock to be sitting on top of the soil. Another tip for making your stones as realistic as possible is to ensure that when you angle them all other instances are pointing in a similar direction. You can turn all of these models around to what ever angle you wish, and indeed doing this and using the model with top up, bottom up or side up will give you hundreds of different looks for the same model.
  • This product includes:
    • 1 VUE Core Installer

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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