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PoseMaster People Pack

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Product Name: PoseMaster People Pack
Product ID: 15244
Published Artist(s): cridgit
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2012-10-29

Product Information

  • Required Products: PoseMaster for DAZ Studio

PoseMaster People Pack contains a set of PoseMaster skeleton maps and offset poses that enable poses to be transferred between all the DAZ human figures including generation 2, generation 3, generation 4 and Genesis. Tutorial videos are available on

Figure without files for direct transfer can be transferred to all other figures indirectly through Genesis e.g. V3-to-Genesis-to-M4.

Product Notes

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Scripts:Cridgit:Posemaster”
  • The product contains 6 user scripts in the Scripts/PoseMaster base folder, which are to be used by the user:
    • PoseMaster Batch is for batch converting poses between figures
    • PoseMaster Copy is for copying the transforms of one or more figures, bones or props
    • PoseMaster Delta is for saving the differences between two poses as an offset pose
    • PoseMaster Keyframe is for transferring animated poses between figures
    • PoseMaster Paste is for applying copied transforms to selected figures, bones or props
    • PoseMaster Transfer is for 1-click transfer of poses between figures
  • The Data subfolder contains user data (*.SKL skeleton maps and *.PSR offset files).
  • The Icons subfolder contains toolbar icons for the 6 user scripts described above.
  • The Test subfolder contains a test script that can be run after installation to verify PoseMaster is working correctly.
  • The Utility subfolder contains utility scripts that are called by the 6 user scripts described above. The utility scripts do nothing directly for the user and work only when invoked by the user scripts.
  • The Runtime/Support subfolder contains the metadata files.
  • Installation
    • 1. If you have a previous version of PoseMaster installed, make a copy of any of your own offset files (*.PSR) and skeleton maps (*.SKL) you wish to keep. These files are stored in the Scripts\cridgit\PoseMaster folder. Then delete the Scripts\cridgit\PoseMaster folder (for DAZ Studio 4 this should be under My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library, and for DAZ Studio 3 this should be under My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio3\Content).
    • 2. [For DAZ Studio 4 with Content DB Manager and metadata] After installation, when you start DAZ Studio 4 it will ask you if you wish to import metadata for PoseMaster. Select Accept.
    • 3. [For DAZ Studio 3 or DAZ Studio 4 without Content DB Manager and metadata] After installation when you start DAZ Studio 4, select Scan Known Directories for Files from the Content Library menu. DAZ Studio will highlight the PoseMaster scripts as new items under Categories\Unassigned\Scripts\cridgit\PoseMaster.
    • 4. You will find the PoseMaster for DAZ Studio scripts under Scripts\cridgit\PoseMaster. Read the user guide (in the ReadMe's folder) for instructions on getting started with PoseMaster for DAZ Studio.
    • 5. If you have skeleton maps and offset files from a previous version, you can move these into the Scripts\cridgit\PoseMaster\data folder (for DAZ Studio 4 this should be under My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library, and for DAZ Studio 3 this should be under My Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio3\Content). Due to changes in the data file formats, offset poses and skeleton maps from the previous version of PoseMaster will not work with version 1.4 and need to be converted. A conversion tool will be made available on the DAZ3D Forum PoseMaster thread.
    • 6. You can verify whether PoseMaster is working correctly by running the PoseMaster Test.DSB script in the Test subfolder. The script will inform you how many tests passed. If there are any failed tests, please check the log.
  • Promo Credits:
    • The following products were used for the promo images and are not included:
      • V4, M4, Genesis, Gorilla, V5, Daiyu for V5, Tori for V5, Gabi for V5, Seda Idairis for Genesis, V5 Valerie textures, V4 Charlie & Neve textures, Anastacia for V4, V4 Ariana Elite textures, M4 Rob Elite textures, Emotiguy, Posed for V5, Pin Up Poses for V5, V5 Elite Ponytail, Radiant Jaguar Hair, Bubblegum Hair, Sugar Hair, Dynamic Flared Skirt, Ultimate Dynamic Tee, Genesis Bikini, Beach Dress, Cuban Diabolo for Genesis, Sexy Silky for Genesis, Sport Trainer Shoe Pack for Genesis, Magus Outfit, Bad Boy for M4, Veranil for M4, The Fabricator, MachPak, SilkEssence, Ultimo Paradiso, Reality lighting, Smart IBL from
  • For detailed Use Instructions, refer to the 13968-posemaster-for-daz-studio-user-guide.pdf in the installed location's ReadMe's folder.

Resolved Issues

  • 2012-11-09 - 1.5 -
    • Added file open/save dialogs to all PoseMaster interfaces
    • Added cancel option for batch and keyframe conversion
    • Remember last source/target folder
    • Added support for DAZ Studio 4.5 DUF format for fully automated batch conversion without the popup dialog
    • Added batch conversion from DUF and DSF poses
    • Fixed the node scaling test failures introduce in DAZ Studio 4.5
    • Added new configuration options
  • 2012-03-09 - 1.4 -
    • Added 1-step pose transfer
    • Added animated pose transfer
    • Added batch pose transfer
    • Separated body and hip position in line with industry practices
    • Added automatic zero pose and turn off figure limits
    • Added configuration options
    • Implemented a separate data folder (to safeguard user files during future upgrades)
    • Implemented a flexible new data file format (to more easily support new features in future)
    • Added a test suite for users to perform install validation testing</ul>

Known Issues

  • Batch transfer currently shows a pop-up dialog for every pose and saves converted poses in the DAZ Studio 4 format, not the new DAZ Studio 4.5 DUF format.
  • Source and target figure positions may not align perfectly when transferring extreme poses, or when the figures have very different scale. For example, scaling the source figure to 500% and moving the hip to 1000, 1000, 1000 will shift the target figure's position. Another example is when scaling one of the figures a lot (e.g. MilDog to MilHorse), the target figure's hip position will shift slightly. This happens due to slight differences between the figures being amplified by scale and distance. In these extreme cases you will need to adjust the target figure's position by hand, but these unusual cases should not occur very often. If you get stuck with a specific pose, please visit the PoseMaster People Pack thread at the DAZ3D forums for help.
  • If the target figure's position or rotation are off when transferring a pose, it could be that the origin in the offset pose was not applied. Check that the underscore in the “origin_” subsection has been removed from both the figure and hip sections, and that the origin x, y, z values correspond to the target figure. PoseMaster saves the “origin_” section to help create offset poses, but the sections must be activated by removing the underscore.
  • Transferring a pose from the target figure back to the source figure could lead to inaccurate results. For example, if you’ve transferred a Genesis pose to V4, then you transfer V4’s pose back to Genesis, Genesis could end up in the wrong position. The reason is that the Genesis V4 Zero Pose offset pose adjusts Genesis’ origin to match V4’s default origin. If V4’s origin has moved (e.g. due to the Genesis pose transfer), then Genesis’ origin offset will be wrong. The PoseMaster User Guide describes how to resolve this issue.
  • It is possible to select multiple figures to copy, but any duplicate bone names (e.g. hip), will be set by the last selected figure.
  • Pasting a copied post with the Force option to multiple selected items will paste the transforms of the first bone to all selected bones (and their children if Recursive was also selected).


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