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L XV Furniture ReImagined Set 1

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Product Name: L XV Furniture ReImagined Set 1
Product ID: 14061
Published Artist(s): Daz Originals
Created By: Fisty & Darc, Elliandra
Release Date: 2012-03-03

Product Information

  • Required Products: L-XV Furniture Pack

This set includes new textures and materials for the L-XV Furniture Pack 1 by Serrge. Each MAT Zone on each piece of furniture has multiple options for the ultimate mix and match experience and fully customizable decor. There are hundreds of Mat options for endless possibilities! Each of the different MAT Types also comes in a white variation so that if the color you really really want happens to be missing all you have to do is apply a diffuse color to it and voila! Your perfect color!

Please note that all Promo work was done in DAZ Studio 4 unless other wise stated on the Promos!

Product Notes

Installation Packages

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  • 1 Core 1)

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L XV Furniture ReImagined Set 1 (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Bases & Columns:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Bases & Columns:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Lower Panels:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Lower Panels:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Surround:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Cabinet Surround:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Decorations:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Decorations:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Glass:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Glass:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Glass:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Hinges:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Hinges:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Shelves:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Shelves:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Shelves:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Top Balls:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet2:Top Balls:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Base and Top:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Base and Top:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Columns:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Columns:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Surround:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Cabinet Surround:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Decorations:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Decorations:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Door Hinges:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Door Hinges:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Glass:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Glass:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Glass:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Shelves:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Shelves:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Cabinet:Shelves:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Fabric 1”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Fabric 2”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Fabric 3”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Fabric 4”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Backing:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Chair Frame:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Chair Frame:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Decoration:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Decoration:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Fabric:Fabric 1”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Fabric:Fabric 2”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Fabric:Fabric 3”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Chair:Fabric:Fabric 4”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Chains and Hinges:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Chains and Hinges:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Columns:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Columns:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Decorations & Pendulums:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Decorations & Pendulums:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Dial Face:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Dial Face:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Glass:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Hands:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Hands:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Hands:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Main Body:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Main Body:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Numbers:Glass”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Numbers:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Clock:Numbers:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Decorations:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Decorations:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Drawer Fronts:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Drawer Fronts:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Inset Top:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Inset Top:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Main Body:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Commode:Main Body:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Decoration:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Decoration:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Decorative Balls:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Decorative Balls:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Inset Top:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Inset Top:Wood”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Table Body:Metal”
    • Materials: “L-XV:L-XV Table Round:Table Body:Wood”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Props”

Additional Details

  • Reflections are turned on for all Metal and Glass material. This will increase render times greatly. If you are doing a distance render and do not need reflections I would suggest turning them off via the surface tab. Just click the main On/Off button for Reflections on the pane from On (Green) to Off (Grey).
  • You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the Daz Studio 4 Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Poses from the Poser Materials “L-XV” directory.
  • There is a complete product installer for the Daz Studio 3 version of this product.
  • Poser Users:
    • The fabric materials should look rich and lush and the metals should be shiny with a lovely luster. If your metals or fabrics are rendering with a strong white haze it's due to the automatic gamma correction. In your render settings you should either turn off gamma correction or set it no higher than 1.
    • The L-XV furniture models were designed for much earlier versions of Poser, they were not modeled to gracefully handle Poser's automatic smoothing. If you are seeing “balooning” of parts of the models you have two choices:
      • 1) You can turn off smoothing in the render settings, this is quick and easy but will turn it off for your entire scene.
      • 2) You can turn off the smoothing on a per object basis, to do this select the figure or object and uncheck “smooth polygons” in the properties tab. If you don't see that option in properties then make sure you have a body part selected rather than “body”, unfortunately it will need to be unchecked for each body part for the furniture items that are figures rather than props.
    • For items with drawers you most likely don't have to bother turning off the smoothing for the drawers themselves unless you plan to have them open. This issue is independent of this texture add-on and should be done whenever using the L-XV models in Firefly regardless of what textures, if any, you apply to them.
  • Tip for gorgeous candlesticks in closeups:
    • The candlestick model actually works very well with Poser's automatic smoothing, the candles themselves do not. If you're planing a render with the candlestick as the focal point you can get around it with a little trick. Load one candlestick, apply your desired material to the base, make the candle and wick transparent (make sure to make the specular value 0 too!) Load a second candlestick, change its parent to the first candlestick so they will stay together if you move them. For this 2nd candlestick go to the properties tab and uncheck “smooth polygons”, apply your desired material to the wick and candle then make the base transparent. This will effectively give you a beautiful smoothed candlestick with nice looking candles.
  • Reflection:
    • For most items in the set raytrace bounces of 2 is sufficient, if you are featuring glass in your render 3 or 4 bounces will give you nicer results at the cost of render time.
  • It is recommended that you do not delete the .DSA files from within the product's Materials Folder. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio 4.

Resolved Issues

  • 2015-10-17 - Updated metadata.

Known Issues

  • None


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The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native and Poser Native formats