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Render To Backdrop


Below is an example demonstrating how to render an image that is immediately set as the backdrop image for the scene, via script.

API Areas of Interest


// Define an anonymous function;
// serves as our main loop,
// limits the scope of variables
	// Get the backdrop for the scene
	var oBackDrop = Scene.getBackdrop();
	// Clear the backdrop
	// Get the render manager
	var oRenderMgr = App.getRenderMgr();
	// Render the scene; using the current settings
	// Retrieve the path to the rendered image
	var sLastRender = oRenderMgr.getLastSavedRenderPath();
	// If the path is empty
	if( sLastRender.isEmpty() ){
		// We are done...
	// Set the busy cursor to let the user know we are working
	// Create a file info object for easy pathing operations
	var oFile = new DzFileInfo( sLastRender );
	// Get the absolute path for the directory the image is in
	var sDirPath = oFile.path();
	// Construct the short name for the source file
	var sSrcFilename = String( "%1.%2" ).arg( oFile.baseName() ).arg( oFile.extension() );
	// Construct the short name for the target file
	var sTgtFilename = String( "%1.%2" ).arg( "background" ).arg( oFile.extension() );
	// Create a dir object for file access operations
	var oDir = new DzDir( sDirPath );
	// Copy the source file to the target file;
	// We step back a directory on the target file because we expect the render to be
	// in ./temp/render and that directory is cleared wholesale at each render,
	// but temp is not cleared until a new scene action, application quit or launch.
	oDir.copy( sSrcFilename, String( "../%1" ).arg( sTgtFilename ) );
	// Update the target directory path
	sDirPath = oDir.path();
	// Get the image manager
	var oImgMgr = App.getImageMgr();
	// Get a texture object for the target file
	var oTexture = oImgMgr.getImage( String( "%1/%2" ).arg( sDirPath ).arg( sTgtFilename ) );
	// Create a file info object for easy pathing operations
	oFile = new DzFileInfo( sTgtFilename );
	// If the last render is a png
	if( oFile.extension() == "png" ){
		// Since png is converted to jpg before being sent to tdlmake,
		// replace the target path with the jpg extension.
		sTgtFilename = String( "%1.jpg" ).arg( oFile.baseName() );
		// Remove the jpg to force the tdl to be recreated when the png is refreshed
		oDir.remove( sTgtFilename );
	// Refresh the image from disk
	// Set the backdrop's image to the target image
	oBackDrop.setTexture( oTexture );
	// We are done working, let the user know
// Finalize the function and invoke