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Guiding a user may depend on the them being in a particular Activity. Prompting the user to select a particular activity is accomplished by defining an instruction of the activity type. The value of the type member is a String that represents the name of the activity to be selected. Success of an activity instruction is dependent on the specified activity actually existing in the current layout - you can use a layout instruction or the scripting API to ensure that a given activity exists.

The following example demonstrates how to prompt the user to select the “Pose & Animate” activity:

Click the name of the example below to save it as a file.

var oLessonMgr = MainWindow.getInteractiveLessonMgr();
	"activity": "Pose & Animate",
	"info": [
		"<html><body><table width=400><tr><td>",
		"<h3 align='center'>Change Activity</h3>",
		"Now, we want to animate the character.  To do this we will ",
		"first need to switch to the 'Pose & Animate' <em>activity</em>.",
		"Click <a href=''>here</a> for more information about activities.",