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GryffnnZcube Busker Billboards - Volume 1

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Product Name: GryffnnZcube Busker Billboards - Volume 1
Product ID: 82144
Published Artist(s): gryffnn / Elisa Griffin
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2021-07-05

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Music is Life! Add more life to your scenes with Gryffnn’s Zcube Billboards. Volume 1 brings you 25 buskers, other entertainers, and watchers to fill out and enliven your scenes.

Billboards are wonderfully efficient. They cost almost nothing to render times while adding complexity and interest to your projects. Billboards can be notoriously difficult to work within the editor because as simple two-dimensional planes, they disappear if viewed from the sides or top. To remedy this, each of these single-polygon billboards is parented to a six-polygon Zcube, which can quickly and easily be located and oriented from any viewpoint in your scene.

Spice up the party and fill out your scene with these performance-light Gryffnn ZCube Busker Billboards!

The Zcube’s six sides are colored and labeled for easy identification. It will not appear in renders.

Each of the billboard figures has six to ten rotational views, as seen from approximately eye level.

They are rendered at 2048 x 2048 pixels, high enough resolution for even the foreground of most scenes.

The detailed 7-page illustrated PDF user guide has many suggestions for getting the most out of billboards. There is also a PDF for this volume that includes a list of the assets used in each, to re-create as a 3-D character.

Product Notes

Installation Packages

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GryffnnZcube Busker Billboards - Volume 1 (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Props:Gryffnn”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb DancerStepFem”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb DrumBodhranFemStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb HarpCelticFemSit”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb SingerMaleSitMugStool”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb ViolinGirlStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!CELTIC:GZb WhistlePennyMaleStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!FANTASY:GZb FantasyFaerieFlyHarp”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!FANTASY:GZb FantasyFemCelloSit”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!FANTASY:GZb FantasyMaleLeprechaunWhistle”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!FANTASY:GZb FantasyMaleLuteStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!FOLK-INSTRUMENTS:GZb WashtubBassFemStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!WATCHERS:GZb WatcherGirlGuitarStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:!WATCHERS:GZb WatcherMaleWaiterStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb BalletFem”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb BalletMaleLeap”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb BanjoFemStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb CelloMaleSit”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb DrumsElectricFemSit”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb FiddleMaleStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb GuitarElectricFemStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb KeyboardFemSit”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb OneManBandMale”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb SingerFemMicStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb TrumpetFemStand”
    • “Props:Gryffnn:GryffnnZcube-BuskerBillboards1:GZb ViolinFemStand”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Props:People”
    • “Utilities:Scripts”

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