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Iray Light Manager PRO

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Product Name: Iray Light Manager PRO
Product ID: 32531
Published Artist(s): V3Digitimes
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2016-06-10

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Great lights are the keys of great renders.

One of the most useful light tool ever created, Iray Light Manager PRO is NOT another Iray light set! It is THE solution for an easy, fast, efficient, and clear light management. One click and Iray Light Manager Pro consolidates all the major lighting controls of your scene lights, whatever the lights you are using, in a single and clear interface.

Iray Light Manager Pro is very easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners. All the lights of your scene and their key controls are now organized in tables. Not only it will allow you to set up your lights faster, but also you will get better lighting.

Better lighting? Yes, because instead of spending time on continuously switch back and forth between Scene pane, Parameters pane, Lights Pane, Surfaces pane and Render Settings pane to look at the right properties to adjust for the lights, you will be able to spend this time on simply optimizing them from a single clear dedicated interface gathering and organizing in tables all the key properties of all the lights you use in your scene.

You probably already own several Iray Light sets. Daz Studio even comes with built in photometric, emissive, and HDRI environment light resources. But sometimes it is so hard to adjust perfectly all those lights working together once you've added them to your scene. Iray Light Manager Pro is what you've been wishing for, offering you a clear and synthetic view and control of all these lights, lights by lights or per groups of lights. It's never been easier to adjust the color, balance and total amount of light in your scene.

Iray Light Manger PRO also includes collective action tools. For instance, do your scene lights look well balanced, but they're a little too bright or too dark? With one click, Iray Light Manager Pro can adjust up or down the brightness of ALL of the photometric lights and emissive surfaces you will choose in a check list, while retaining the overall lighting balance between those lights.

Iray Light Manger PRO is the best solution for emissive surfaces. Do you have a bunch of emissive surfaces for which you'd like to change the brightness, color, temperature, and/or ies profile? Have you been frustrated just trying to find the right objects and surfaces to change? Iray Light Manager Pro will find all those objects and surfaces for you and display them in a single table where you can easily see, compare, and change each emissive surface properties.

In order to make your set up even easier, this tool also includes additional controls such as exposure value, draw mode, camera choice, lights placement, perspective view tools…

Iray Light Manger PRO is not only the easiest but also the most efficient solution to optimize your lights.

Product Notes

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Iray Light Manager PRO (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Scripts:V3Digitimes Iray Light Manager Pro”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Utilities:Scripts:NVIDIA Iray”

Additional Details

  • Product Notes:
    • Iray Light Manager PRO is very intuitive and easy to use, even for the beginners. For users wanting more details about this tool, a pdf documentation is included in the ReadMe's of the product, detailing the behavior of each control of each part of the interface, and providing a few tips about their usage.
  • I'd like to thank Rob (rbtwhiz) once again and Praxis too for the precious help they provided on some of the tables of this interface.
  • The page (tab) allowing to change the placement of Daz Studio Lights (Spot, Points, Distant Lights) in your scene via this interface is an adaptation of the Node Property Sliders sample script provided by Rob.
  • I'd also like to thank Richard for all the tips and answers he's frequently giving about scripting, and DraagonStorm for the help she provided to me when I began to script.
  • Without all these people, this tool would not be as complete as it is today.
  • For any additional questions, remarks and feedback, please use the topic dedicated to this product in the Commercial section of the forum.

Resolved Issues

  • 2019-10-16 Version 1.1 Changes:
    • This is an update made to prevent the interface buttons to react when the enter key is pressed when changing dials values (necessary due to recent change of behavior in DS 4.12).
    • Modified a few “interface” elements such as a darker background color for the interface in Highway and Mainstreet styles, as well as larger “columns” for color widgets for an easier light color modification.
  • 2020-12-08 Version 1.2 Changes:
    • This is an update is made to handle the fact that in Daz Studio 4.14 the Environment Options and Tone Mapper options can potentially not exist. In this case, version 1.1 of the script fails. Now version 1.2 tells you there is no environment or tone mapper, and handles this correctly.
    • The second part of the 1.2 update adds “Filament (PBR)” to the list of the available Viewport draw styles.
  • 2021 - 02-22 - Update to 1.25: in version 1.2 the environment was saw as non existing if the environment intensity was null when you opened the script. Version 1.25 solves this issue.

Known Issues

  • None


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