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Making a jeans texture

Author: Bobbie25

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop7

Step 1 - Make a new image


1. Make a new image as I have done here.

Step 2 - Paint bucket tool


2. I have selected a dark blue color and then I select the paint bucket tool and fill in the image.

Step 3 - Working with filters


3. I now go to filter and select noise I set the amount at 15.00 to 18.00% I set it on Gaussian and monochromatic and click OK.

Step 4 - Working with filters 2


4. I now go to filter and select texture and texturizer I make the texture canvas scaling from 75% to 100% relief I set from 3% to 9% and light direction I set top right.

Step 5 - Working with the rectangular marquee tool


5. I select the rectangular marquee tool and make a rectangular down the center of the image by hitting the Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v it will make a new layer of what I have selected I name this layer seam

Step 6 - Working with blending options


6. I now go to the blending options I add a drop shadow , Inner shadow , Inner glowon blend mode screen and make it a lighter color of blue then what I made my image with opacity at 50% to 80% noise to 0%.

Step 7 - Working with layers


7. I make a new layer naming it threads with the rectangular marquee tool I make a long thin box in this box I will talk my paint brush with a light yellow color I will paint little lines in for threads

Step 8 - Using the edit transform flip horizontal

8. Here I will copy the threads layer from left to right using the edit transform flip horizontal

Step 9 - Working with the dodge and burn tool


9. I will now take the dodge and burn tool and highlight the seam layer.