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Swiping Other Characters

Author: Crescent

Tools Needed

  • A photo editing program


Have a gorgeous outfit for one character, but want to use it on another? With a bit of ingenuity, you can do make those clothes appear to fit.

In this example, Victorella wants to go to the ball but she doesn\'t have the elegant dress that her step-sister Koshini has.

Step 1 - Why not be a conformist?

Sneaking a dress out of Koshini's closet, Victorella is dismayed to find that the dress doesn't fit - at all - when conformed.


Not to worry, Victorella, that dress will fit for your ball picture!

Step 2 - Aligning the dress

Unconform the dress.


Move the dress so that the dress' hip area is in line with Victoria's hips.


Step 3 - Be a good parent

Making sure that the dress is still selected, go to Figure: Set Parent Figure. Select the hip of Figure 1 (or whatever your character is named) and hit Okay.


Parenting the clothing to the other figure insures that if you move the character, the clothing will move as well. The reason you want to set the clothing parent to the other figure's hip is that the hip is the main part of a Poser figure. Scaling, etc., is determined by each body part's relationship to the hip.

Note - if you swipe conforming hair, parent it to the head instead of the hip. This will allow your character to nod its head without losing all its hair.

Scale the dress (and use any applicable morphs) so it fits the figure as best possible. In this case, I scaled the hips on the X and Z axis. I did not use the Y scale as it made the skirt too long while pushing up the blouse part. (Again, everything is determined by the hip, so if you change the YScale of the hip, it will move everything above the hip upward while simulatenously moving everything below the hip downward.)

Step 4 - Posing Pretty

As shown below, the results do not have to be perfect. You simply have to get it close enough for post work.


Pose your character. Yes, the dress will mostly fall off. (But it does follow the character if the pose moves the character.) If the pose you're using isn't saved in your library already, please save it now. You can always delete it later if you don't need it.

Select the dress and apply the pose to the dress. Depending on the clothing, it may match up perfectly, or you may need to tweak it. In this case, I needed to tweak it because the entire skirt is the hip. Also, I've found that Koshini's back is a little straighter than Victoria 3's back (V3 has more curves) so I tweaked the dress by bending it forward just a little bit at the chest and then nudged the Side-Side dial a bit for maxmum coverage.

We're getting closer, but there's more to be done.


We'll do 2 different cheats to get this finished up.

Step 5 - Cheat #1

Now, the dress should cover the entire abdomen and lower torso area, so I'm going to use Cheat #1 - turning body parts invisible.

Select the abdomen and go to Object: Properties and remove the checkmark for Visible. Do the same for the rest of the lower body that sticks out.

Well, we're almost there, but the dress is still a bit drafty.


Why don't we hide the offending body part here, too?


Uh, oh. It's part of the chest sticking through. Well, this is okay for a surrealistic work, I suppose …

Step 6 - Cheat #2

Now it's time to pull out Cheat #2: Snowcloning. (Coincidentally enough, Snow Sultan just uploaded his revised, in-depth tutorial on Snowcloning to the Tutorial Arcana.)

Render your picture as if this were the final, finished work with the chest invisible. Save it as a .tif file. I'm calling mine Victorella-a.tif.

Render your picture again with the same settings, but make the chest visible. Save it as a .tif file as well. This one will be Victorella-b.tif.

In your photoediting program, load up Victorella-a.tif.

Load Victorella-b.tif.

Import Victorella-b as a new layer on top of Victorella-a. Make sure that it lines up exactly with Victorella-a. (In Photoshop, you can hold down the Shift key and drag the layer to Victorella-a so it lines up perfectly.)

Use the erase function and erase out the areas where the chest pokes through the dress on the sides.

Add your signature, and any other postwork you want to your image.


(Special thanks to kendo2112 for the towel and SnowSultan for the Snowcloning technique!)