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Stylizing and contrasting an image

Author: Carole

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop

Step 1 - Apply Gaussian blur


Copy and paste your figure in a new document with a background of your choice.

In my example, the background will be a cloudy sky.

Duplicate the layer with the figure, apply a Gaussian blur, about 10 pixels.


Step 2 - Darken the image


With blend mode, choose “darken”, 100%

Step 3 - Finishing


Go into Brightness/contrast and play with different settings.

You can add some more contrast to the background, select the background layer (with the cloudy sky) and play again with brightness/contrast.

Step 4 - Background


And here it is !

With a few adjustments in “brightness/contrast” you've got both background and figure with an original contrast !