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Stylized White-Out

Author: serpentis


Sometimes ordinary just isn't enough…for times like those, try using a stylized white-out effect.

What You Need:


Your photograph or Poser Render

Used in this tutorial:

Photoshop 7

Photograph by mexikids

This image was written in Photoshop 7, but can translate to most Photoshop versions. I'm not sure if this way can be5 done in Paint Shop Pro or other similar photo editors.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me or contact me at any of the sites I frequent (3D Commune, Renderosity, Poser Pros and DeviantArt), username: serpentis.


Step 1 - Step 1

Open your image in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer.


Step 2 - Step 2

Apply a Gaussian Blur to the image (Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur)

Step 3 - Step 3

Invert (Ctrl+I) Your image should look similar to this now:


Step 4 - Step 4

Add a layer mask (Layer/Add Layer Mask/Reveal All) to the layer.

Step 5 - Step 5

Go to Image/Apply Image to the current layer using the following settings:

Source: filename

Layer: Background

Channel: RGB

Invert: Uncheckmarked

Blending: Normal

Opacity: 100%

Step 6 - Step 6

Set the layer's blend mode to screen.

Step 7 - Step 7

Duplicate Layer 1 two (2) more times. (Ctrl+J)

Step 8 - Final Images


The final image:

And another sample of stylized white-out using this same technique: