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No More Squished Previews

Author: endamist

Tools Needed

  • Paint shop pro 7 or higher
  • A finished full size image


This tutorial was made to help you prepare your images for submission to sites that require preview images of a specific size. In this Tutorial we are going to select only a portion of our original image to use as a preview image of a specific size, and we are not going to squish our image to make it fit. DAZ gallery submission requires a preview image of 200×260 so that is the size that we are going to make our preview image here. You will need paint shop pro 7 or higher. It may also work with other paint programs as well.


Step 1 - Find the selection tool

You will need to open your finished image. I decided to use a sample image of V3 wearing the V3 tunic and a texture that I made.

You will need to use the selection tool which you can find on your tool bar. It appears as a dotted square.


Step 2 - Making the selection

Now that you have the selection tool you need to use it to select a portion of the image to use as a preview.

You can choose any area you like best but for this tutorial I'm going to select an area that includes the face of the character.

To do this you will need to move your mouse over the image to a point that you wish to start your selection. Once there hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to select your area. While you continue to hold down the mouse button look at the bottom left of the Paint Shop Pro window. Here is where you will see the current position of your cursor and the selections size.


The first two numbers tell you where you started your selection, the second set tells you where your cursor is now and the last set tells you the size your selection is.

Continue to hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse until your selection size reads 200×260. It might take a little practice keeping steady on a single point once you have it, but as soon as you are satisfied that you have the size you want, you can let go of the button.

Now you have an area selected with a flashing dotted line around it that should be 200×260 if you didn't move when you let go of the mouse button.

You will not be able to see the size of your selection in the lower left once you let go of the button.

Step 3 - Cropping

Now you need to crop the image to your selection. On the menu bar click on image. In the drop down menu that appears you will find crop to selection. You can also simply use Shift+R to crop your image.


Once you have your image cropped you can check its size by looking at the bottom right portion of the Paint Shop Pro window. There it will tell you the image size, number of colors and file size. Your image should read 200x260x16 Million and how many Kbytes the file consists of. My sample image below reads the size of image I used to provide you with an example. If your image size is incorrect simply hit the undo key on your menu bar twice and repeat step 2 until it is correct.


Step 4 - Save your new preview image

Now you can save your new preview image but be careful not to save it with the same name as your original image or you will overwrite it.

On the menu bar at the top of the window click file and chose Save as from the drop-down menu. Now you can chose a different name from your original image. Select the proper file type and click Save. You now have a preview without resorting to squishing in order to have the correct size.


Thank you for reading my simple tutorial.