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Making realistic lipstick texture

Author: Ravenhair

Tools Needed

  • Poser Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop

Support Files


Hi, this tutorial will help you create realistic lipstick textures for Vicky, you will be amazed with the results and also able to apply them on several Vicky 3 characters that you create on your own. The image below shows the same lipstick texture created while preparing this tutorial.

Now, let's get started!


Step 1 -

Open Adobe Photoshop and then open Vicky 3 Head Texture Template file and the Vicky 3 lips preset.


Step 2 -

Select the Marquee tool and then click on the lips and select Free Transformation. Then reduce the size until you see it matches. (I think most of you are familiar with this last one).


Step 3 -

Set the opacity back to 100 and reselect the lips following the same procedure as explained on Step 2.


Step 4 -

After you have reselected the lips, go to Filter > Textures > Texturizer and select Sandstone, setting the Scaling at 50% and the Relief to 1


Step 5 -

Now we are ready for the fun part.

Choose the Dodge tool, a non solid brush, that one that I chose comes with Adobe Photoshop itself, set it to work on the Highlights and 50% opacity.


Now just apply strokes, DO NOT apply it continuously, just use small strokes until you achieve the desired volume and shines.


Step 6 -

Now you are ready to apply some color, but first, go to Image > Adjust > Desaturate, is better to start from a black and white one, is like recording a movie using a brand new tape.


Go to Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation, and make sure that the colorize box is checked, and play with the dials until you achieve the desired color, for this one, I chose that red.


Step 7 -

At this point, you are welcome to remove the background layer (Vicky 3 Head Texture) and stay with the lips alone, once you'remove the layer, go to Select > Invert and add some color, I personally chose one similar to skintones, use the paint bucket, and you are all set, save the file as JPG and load it whenever you need to apply lips to a new Vicky 3 head texture by just applying it as a new layer, and then using the smart eraser tool to get rid of the beige looking background.


Step 8 -

The images below are some samples using the same lips texture as the image above, I just used the hue/saturation feature to change colors.



Note that there are no skin textures applied, except the lips, eyes, and the transparency map.

I hope this tutorial helps you all, enjoy!