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Making a Vampire Without Vampire Morphs or Textures

Author: Anagnos

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


Here is our final image.


Step 1 - Source Image


Here is our source image.

Step 2 - Pointy Teeth


Using the smudge tool, with a brush size of around 13, make a quick flick with the mouse up or down on each tooth you want to become pointy.

Step 3 - Pale Face


Use the Diffuse Glow filter (under Filter|Distort|Diffuse Glow) with the following settings to make the vampire's face pale.

Step 4 - Gaussian Blur


Use the Gaussian Blur filter, with a radius of 1.1 pixels, to smooth out any rough edges. You can find the blur under Filter|Blur|Gaussian Blur.

Step 5 - Bloody Teeth Part 1


Make a new layer. Using a brush size of around 4 and a dark red color, make a small line on each pointy tooth with the brush tool. Then make a series of short vertical lines under the vampire's mouth.

Step 6 - Bloody Teeth Part 2


Now use the smudge tool with the same settings as before, and smudge the blood on each tooth with a circular motion until it looks right. Feel free to add more red if you dilute the color too much. Next smudge the blood under the mouth. Then make short stabbing motions from the edge of the smudge of blood to the outside.

Step 7 - Finishing Touch


Change the magenta-green slider (Found under Image|Adjustments|Color Balance) to -23 and you are done!