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Lil Dress

Author: DTigerWoman

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


Easily draw a fancy silk dress using only the basic photoshop brushes!


Step 1 - Lasso Tool


Open the image you'd like to paint a dress on.

Use the “Lasso Tool” and select the area around the character you want the dress to cover.

Next duplicate the layer by clicking “Layer” “Duplicate”

Step 2 - Auto Level Adjustment


Now invert your selection by clicking “Select” “Inverse”.

Hit the delete key on your keyboard to clear out everything on your second layer except the selected area.

Now click “Select” “Deselect”.

Next click “Image” “Adjustments” “Auto Levels”

Next click “Image” “Adjustments” “Brightness/Contrast” and lower the Brightness so you get good shadow definition.


Step 3 - Color


Next colorize your dress by clicking “Image” “Adjustments” “Hue/Saturation”.

Make sure you have “Colorize” Checked. Use the sliders to pick a color that best matches your image. Avoid the lightness slider.


Step 4 - Clean Up


If you want to clean up any jaggy edges or edges that go outside your character's body now would be the time to do that.

Once you've cleaned up the jaggies duplicate the dress layer.

Step 5 - Smudging for folds

Now comes the fun part.

Select a soft brush.

The size of the brush will depend on how big your image is. My image isn't that large so I used a size 5 Soft Round Brush.

You may want to zoom in so you can easily see where you are going.


Next start smudging from edge to center and from center to edge. Arrows shown in the image below indicate the path I took for smudging.


Step 6 - Clean Up


To clean up any areas outside of the dress where you may have smudged follow these steps:

- make your original dress layer active “the that isn't smudged now”.

- use the magic wand and select the area “outside” the original dress.

- switch back to your smudged dress layer and hit the delete key on your keyboard.

This should clear up any smudging that appears outside the dress area ;o)

Once you have cleared up any outside smudging and the dress is the way you like it merge the two dress layers.

Next duplicate your dress layer. At this point I changed the layer blending to multiply but your results may be different. Try some of the blending options and use the one that looks the best to you.

Step 7 - Trim


Next you can add a little trim to your dress. I used a very dark red on this image. You can easily use the dropper tool to grab a color from your dress.

Draw your trim around the bottom of the dress and around the edge of the arm area.

If your trim is a lighter color than the dress you'll need to use the burn tool and darken areas of the trim where the dress is dark to make it blend in.

Step 8 - Good Job!


The last thing I did to this image was a little soft focus but this is totally up to you. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned a little something about painting a dress onto your characters!