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Layer Effects

Author: Malva


This step-by-step 'layer effects tutoral' will show you how to add that 'special something' to your poser renders.


Step 1 - Simple Darken


Open your poser render and go to Color- Adjust - Brightness and Contrast. The settings are:

Brightness: 41

Contrast: 22

Now duplicate the layer (Layers - Duplicate) and Set Blend Mode to darken.

Paste the image and go to Effects - Blur - Gaussian Blur 8.70.

Step 2 - simple screen


The same as “Simple Darken”, but set Blend Mode to Screen (duh!).

tip: You might want to increase Contrast or lower Opacity, specially if you're working with a dark image/background.

Step 3 - Magenta Glow


Go to Colors - Adjust - Brightness and Contrast (same settings as “Simple Darken”: Brightness: 41 and Contrast: 22).

Now copy the image and apply Gaussian Blur (also same settings).

Create a new layer, set Blend Mode to Screen, Opacity to 60. Select the Flood Fill tool and apply the gradient preset Ultraviolet (make sure “invert gradient” is checked).

Create another layer (Blend Mode: Soft Light) and paste the image you copied a few steps ago.

Step 4 - Sat Magenta


Set your backgroung color to #F87ABE and duplicate the layer.

Apply Gaussian Blur (8.70) and go to Adjust Contrast (always the same settings).

Change Blend Mode to Screen and add a new layer (Blend Mode: Saturation).

Select the Flood Fill tool and apply preset “Gradient #3 Fading Background”.

Step 5 - Snow White


First of all, copy the image. Than go to Colors - Adjust - Levels. The settings are:

Channel: RGB

Imput: 0 - 1, 69 - 168

Output: 0 - 255

Now create a new layer, paste the image you copied, adjust contrast (22) and brightness (41) and set Blend Mode to Overlay.

Step 6 - Simple Overlay


Copy the image, adjust contrast (22) and brightness (41), apply Gaussian Blur (8.70) and create a new layer.

Set Blend Mode to Overlay, Opacity to 80 and paste.

Step 7 - Simple Hard Light


Start by adjusting Brightness and Contrast (same settings), than duplicate the layer, adjust Brightness and Contrast again, apply Gaussian Blur (8.70) and set Blend Mode to Hard Light.

Step 8 - Examples


When you're working with layers and Blend Modes, the results will can vary a lot.

So these settings I described might not work well with all images – specially with dark images.

Don't be afraid to experiment with other blend modes or lighting settings - you will eventually come up with something great.

Good luck