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Infusing Magic into Models

Author: AntonKisiel

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Photoshop
  • UV Mapper


The idea is fairly simple: Transmap an outer layer to expose a glowing layer underneath.

Step 1 - Begin


1.Load the torus and export it as an obj

2.Cylidrically map the torus in UV Mapper giving it a material called “Outer” and save it

3.Change the Material to Inner and save another torus.

4.Load the first and second torus in Poser fitting Inner inside of Outer.

5.Save out both torus as one obj and reimport into Poser

6.Make a transmap like the one shown where the trans part is black against white and apply it to the “Outer” material.

7.Make the “Inner” Material a gold ambient color.

Step 2 - Results


See how good that looks…