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Image Focusing

Author: Anagnos

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


Here you are going to take an image and bring the focus of the image towards the object in the middle.


Step 1 - Gaussian Blur


Apply a Gaussian Blur to the image, to get rid of any rough edges. This can be accessed under: Filter|Blur|Gaussian Blur. Use the settings seen in this image.

Step 2 - Diffuse Glow


This will cause the lit areas of the image to glow. It will help bring focus to the area intended by making it brighter. This can be accessed under: Filer|Distort|Diffuse Glow. Use the settings seen in this image.

Step 3 - Select Focus Area


Select the area you want to focus on, using the elliptical marquee tool (the tool is circled in this image).

Step 4 - Invert Selection

Press Ctrl+Shift-I, or go to Select|Inverse to select everything not currently selected.

Step 5 - Radial Blur


Apply a radial blur to the selection. This will blur everything else in the image out of focus. Use the settings seen in this image. You can access this filter under: Filter|Blur|Radial Blur. Make sure you are on zoom not spin.

Step 6 - Finished!


Now you are done! Here is the final image.