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How to Make black and white or One Color Images

Author: anelia

Tools Needed

  • Adobe Photoshop


If you have ever wondered how to make your renders look good in the black and white gamma, just follow this simple steps. You need no special skills to do that. All you need is to use some of the Adobe Photoshop Filters.


Step 1 - Making the render black and white


Ok, let's begin. First open some render. I used a simple close-up render of Victoria 3. The figure, which you're going to make black and white should be in a separate layer. If your image is flat and you can see only 'Background' in the Layers, simply duplicate it. If you don't know how to do this, just click the right button of the mouse on your 'Background' layer and choose 'Duplicate layer' from the menu. Ok, now select the layer with your figure that you want to make black and white and go to Filter- > Sketch- > Conte Crayon. It opens a new window with a preview.


The foreground color should be black and the background - white. You can of course change them, it depends on what look you want to achieve. Now, if you want your image to look smooth, set the Scaling to 50% and the Relief to 0. The important in this step is the Foreground and Background Level. I used Foreground Level 10 and Background Level 11. You can experiment with them, it depends on the look that you want for your figure. Ok, after you're done with the Foreground and Background Levels simply click the OK button. You should have something like that


Step 2 - Making the black and white image looks smoother


You already have a black and white image of your figure. But it somehow doesn't look smooth enough. Ok, to make it look better just go to Filter- > Distort- > Diffuse Glow.


We will give the image a slight glowing, which will make it look smoother.Now, you have the dialog window opened.


It's very important to set the Graininess to 0. This way the image looks smooth. Experiment with the Glow Amount and the Clear Amount. I used 3 for Glow and 20 for Clear but of course it depends on your wish. After you're done with the parameters simply click OK. Now your image should look brighter and smoother, right? If you think you're not satisfied with the result, click Undo and try another parameters for the Glow and Clear Amount.

Step 3 - Making One Color Image.


You're already done with the Black and White image. This last step is optional.

Ok, if you want a great one color image just duplicate your layer with the ready black and white figure.


You should have your duplicated layer selected. Now go to Styles


I used Photographic Effects. Choose some of them, for example Overlay with Gold, as I did and see the result. Your duplicated layer is colored in yellow.

If you want to put it behind the black and white figure, just drag the duplicated layer below the black and white layer. You're done!

You can duplicate the black and white layer as much as you want and try more and more effects on it. I tried Purple, Yellow, Orange and Blue. All others look great too. Everything depends on your taste and wish.

I hope you found this simple tutorial useful.