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How to make a picture older

Author: Carole

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop
  • Alien Xenofex 2 (optional)


You will learn how to turn an image into an old photo.


Step 1 - From color to black and white


First go into “Images”, “Mode” and select “Grayscale”.

Now your image is black and white.

You will have to choose a sepia tone to give it an old look.

Step 2 - From black and white to sepia

Go into “Image” again, “Mode” and select “Duotone”

You can choose “Quadrichromie” (4 colors) if you like, or less to fit your taste.


In my example there are 4 colors ; black, and 3 other quite similiar but with different tone.

Choose your own tones to find the right atmosphere.


Step 3 - Brightness and contrast


You can play with “Brightness/Contrast” as on my example. Once you've done with brightness/contrast, flatten your layers.

Step 4 - Add a film grain


Go into Filters, choose “Artistic” and select “Film grain”

Follow my example, or play with different settings.

That's it !

Your picture turned into and old photo from the last century ! :)


Step 5 - The final touch with Alien Xenofex 2 (optional)

Now, if you own Alien Xenofex 2 (you may get a demo here :

you may add the final touch to your picture.

Go into Alien Xenofex 2, and select “Crumple”, try several settings until you get what you want.


Finally you should have a very old and crumpled photo.


Enjoy !